Saturday, April 16, 2016

Keeper’s Work at Muller Hill

For some time a few of us have been  doing Keeper’s work at Muller Hill in Georgetown, NY.. There have been serveral posts about our efforts  More Earth Healing Work at Mulller HillEarth Healing--The Gerrit Smith Estate, Muller Hill.  I was there again at the end of March; below are some pictures.
A Keeper is one who watches over and maintains a sacred site, or specific part of a larger sacred site. A Keeper is an Earth Healer. The concept of a Keeper was revealed to me while I was meditating in a section of South Hill in HI Tor state forest that I now call the Keepers area. I heard a voice and saw the image of a man that told me he took care of the mound I was meditating on; he would make sure it was clean, that the structure of the stone mound was secure and he would guide, or even lead visiting pilgrims in services.
A Keeper is one dedicated to maintaining a sacred site and enhancing through positive human intentions, prayer, meditation and ceremony to raise its vibe. Much of the work is spiritual, more than physical. Mother Earth needs us to achieve Her fullest potential and we need Her to achieve ours; we do that with our intentions and actions. An enhanced space can better nourish our many subtle bodies and even our soul.

I encourage you to become a Keeper.

On my visit I explored a new area, the Glen. When I was there last with Janice while leaving I felt that we were passing close to some powerful Fields of Consciousness (FOC). Interesting as I had never noticed this spot before, but have walked the same path dozens of times over the years--but as I have before noted on several occasions on this blog, when you begin to pray/meditate at a place you enhance it and begin to make it glow. It then begins to activate other areas and make them shine. So all the work we had been doing--praying and meditating--on the Holy Ridge and the Welcome circle was bearing Fruit. There is also a bit of seeing more with each subsequent visit--think of it like being overwhelmed with data or an image, with each progressive visit you see more.So as we visit a place and it becomes more familiar we see more detail, or notice more.
I meditated in several spots in the Glen. There are also some powerful energy formations--which I do not care for. Much of it is in a somewhat soggy area. Still a very Nice Area.

Next I went to the Holy Ridge and meditated and explored a few parts. I found the Healing Area, which I could not find when I was there last there with Janice. 

The major work was to find a path to the area in the back; which still needs to be named, the "Back Woods", "Promised Land." Again another area with great promise. Also other aspects of FOC's or just other aspects of Mother Earth are beginning to pop up, revealed, in area of the Holy Ridge. There is much more to Mother Earth's soul than Fields of Consciousness. 

It will be interesting to see what else is revealed to us as we pray and meditate more in the areas mentioned. Muller Hill is a special place and there is lots to this mystical and enchanted place.

The above picture was taken in the Glen. . My orange seat cushion marks a S12, 12 FOC's stacked upon each other. Notice the large tree root in the back, which Pepper (white dog) and Jaeda Bear are sitting on. It gives a good point of reference.

Farther back is another powerful Field. Although it is not apparent the dogs are sitting on an elevated area.

Above is the healing Area. I certainly don't feel any healing affects yet--but give it time. Interesting this area along the Holy Ridge may have been revealed to me to pigue my interest and have me return and work on the area. I cannot say enough--how welcoming the Holy Ridge is. There is something beyond the vibe that says you are welcomed there and that your presence and efforts to enhance Mother Earth are much appreciated.

The Back Woods--if  that is the name that sticks. You definitely need to bring a compass if you visit. Ditto for the the Glen as all the trees and sidestepping you have to do  can disorient you.

Cannot wait to go back.

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