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The Eastern Hermetic School of Geomancy

From the Winter Issue(17/18) of the American Society of Dowsers Digest

By madis senner

Defining a school of geomancy, outlining your relationship with Mother Earth and how you explore Her, is an effort to bring more legitimacy to geomancy and dowsing. I  find a lot of inconsistency in opinions regarding Mother Earth’s unseen body, with all sorts of terms and concepts and little explanation of their purpose and function. I don’t doubt people find things; there are zillions of things in the unseen world—but what are they and what do they do? And more importantly how do they relate to your grand view of the reality?
The following defines my spiritual outlook and view of existence. It is an attempt to provide a discipline and a method to understand it and dowse it out.  The effort to develop a school, or discipline, of Geomancy has required a lot of thinking and has forced me to become a better dowser.

The Eastern Hermetic School of Geomancy looks to explore and educate about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth. We believe that She is integral to our spiritual evolution and that we (humankind) are integral to Hers. We look to nurture and enhance that relationship because we believe that it will help make a better world by raising our collective consciousness and improving the health and wellbeing of all creation.

This school is a combination of two spiritual paths - Vedanta, a form of Hinduism, which I refer to as Eastern, and the Hermetic tradition.  These two disciplines explain how we see the world and consequently how we look at Mother Earth and dowse Her out.

Both disciplines believe that there is one universal principle, wisdom, thread that runs through all faith traditions; call it the perennial philosophy, or the ancient wisdom. Both believe in the unity and oneness of all creation, or pantheism, and that all of creation is divine. In that sense it is monotheistic (some call it non duality), because there is a oneness and connection of all creation. It is all around us and within us and not in some distant corner of ultimate reality.

I regret that we don’t have one encompassing term rather than a combination of two: Eastern/Vedanta and Hermetic. Hopefully, I will find one as I move forward, but feel free to call it the Hermetic School of Geomancy for short, if you like.
Meditating in a Field of Consciousness by Lake Ontario with Pepper.

The Hermetic Tradition is based on the Emerald Tablet, an occult, or esoteric text. It is credited to Hermes Trismegistus, who is believed to have lived in ancient Egypt or earlier. He is also considered the founder of astrology and alchemy.

Hermeticism’s key concept is, “as above, so below,” or what happens in the physical world, or the Physical Plane, is also simultaneously occurring in the unseen world, in other planes of existence or dimensions. It holds that things function similarly at different levels of existence, so, for example, you have a physical body that is nourished by food and water, you also have an energy body that is nourished with energy. Reiki and other energy healers work the energy body.

Several principles flow from Hermeticism’s, “as above, so below.” the microcosm is like the macrocosm. Individuals have a makeup similar to Mother Earth and the larger universe. Conversely, the macrocosm is also like the microcosm, in that the larger universe and Mother Earth have a makeup similar to that of an individual.

This is a key dowsing concept of the Eastern Hermetic School: that the microcosm is like the macrocosm. For example, we (humankind) have chakras and Mother Earth has chakras. Taking this a step forward, we can look at the Life Force that sustains all of life and begin to see how its flow is regulated by a series of earth chakras and ducts like our home heating system. That way, when we dowse out an earth chakra we know what it does and how it works. 

As it is for one, so it is for many, because many are one and one is many. It speaks to karma and strong interrelationship, or oneness, and to how we are bound to each other.

Alchemy - Co-Creation with Mother Earth
When we think of alchemy in the Hermetic Tradition we envision a sorcerer looking to create gold by combining various elements, but there is another perspective on alchemy that sees it as an effort to bring about the perfection of one’s being, or even all of creation. We do not look to make gold but to co-create a new birth with our Mother.

There is something mystical, arguably magical, in our relationship with Mother Earth and we look to explore and nurture it. When we love, give, heal and meditate we can create a new birth with our Mother.  This can manifest in many ways - as an energy vortex, a water vein or even a water dome, or as a connec- tor, or what some call an artificial ley. These can nourish both our soul and our physical body.  They are the alchemical wonders that Mother Earth provides us. True magic! Some may call this Earth Magic.

We look to study how these co-creations with Mother Earth form and how to improve that process as well as how to work with them. We also use them as barometers of our spiritual development, for the healing of a space, or to ascertain whether a space was once used for spiritual purposes.

Ultimately, Hermeticism calls for spiritual exploration and teaches that nature reveals the divine. We wholeheartedly believe that by exploring Mother Earth we will  find the divine to the benefit of all creation.
The Ledges Area of High Tor, From left to right-Madis Senner, Janice Carr and Peter Shell. White dog Pepper, black dog Jaeda Bear. Staffs marks stone mounds. Dogs and orange seat cushion mark Energy Vortices.

Vedanta,  thee Eastern Influence
Like the Hermetic tradition, Vedanta believes that we are in the physical world to develop our soul and that there is a perennial philosophy that runs through all faith traditions.

Several beliefs in the Eastern Tradition influence us. We live in a sea of consciousness. Everything is consciousness, from our physical bodies to our thoughts, to objects, to movement. As the great sage Sri Aurobindo taught us, all of the universe is the interplay of consciousness with itself. This is our overall guiding principle, and because consciousness has a morality to it, it is dowseable.

We do not recognize terms such as detrimental energy, or noxious energy, but do believe that there is good and bad consciousness that reflects the morality of a place, object or person. We see detrimental energy as being a scientific term, everything is energy.

We believe that this sea of consciousness is Brahman, what others would call God, Great Spirit or the Divine. From this  ows that we are one, linked and connected to each other.

Maya Vedanta holds that the world is not real, it is a bubble, an illusion. It is better to say that there is a greater reality to the physical world. We look to explore this unseen world and how this illusion is created.

Consciousness, or spirit, devolves to create the material world, or energy. In our cosmology everything is made up of consciousness and energy of varying degrees.  The higher the consciousness component the more spiritual in nature something is. Conversely, the higher the energy component, the closer it is to the material world.  There are grades of energy, from supporting physical structures, to the Life Force sustaining all of life, to the nourishing of our souls. Each of these consciousness/energy blends is distinct and dowseable, so while the Eastern Hermetic School may broadly classify something as “energy” it can often further classify it more specifically.

Mother Earth is Beneficial  
There is Nothing Harmful About Her
Again, we do not recognize the concept of “detrimental energy,” we see energy, running the spectrum from material to spiritual in nature. In our view, there is no bad energy per se. To us it is offensive towards our Mother to think that the energy running through Her apparatus whether it is above ground, or below ground is harmful.  Think about it.

The microcosm is like the macrocosm, so we have a make-up similar to Mother Earth. What part of our body is harmful to ourselves? It boggles the mind. Would you cut your leg off because detrimental energies ran though it? Maybe if it was in some way damaged, got infected by an outside source or some other external agent, but there is nothing in your body that is harmful to your body.

Anything damaging from our Mother is the result of an imprint, or negative consciousness left upon Her body as a scar by humankind. No doubt Mother Earth has harmful things such as a molten core that can cause destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, she also has uranium embedded in Her. Yes, these are all dangerous things, but they are like our stomach acid that is shielded in our stomach. Stomach acid only causes a problem when we eat or do something wrong - human intention.

Most of the problems we face from Mother Earth - hurricanes, violent storms and more, are the result of human intention or the imprints of previous civilizations. As Jung taught in “Mind and Earth,” our collective consciousness is embedded in the Earth.  There are many more memories embedded in the earth from ancient cultures that influence us and our Mother. Call it karma, like energy blockages in our energy body that can create illnesses, or for Mother Earth, hurricanes, or earthquakes, or...

Everything has imprints and memories that they carry from where they have been and what they did. This is a karma that they carry. Consider the belief among many dowsers that the intersection of several water veins, or water veins and the Hartmann Grid or Benker lines are harmful. We do not believe that any of these parts of Mother Earth are in and of themselves harmful, no matter in what combination.

The work of Masaru Emoto substantiates our belief that water retains a memory. Mr. Emoto showed that human consciousness had an effect on the molecular structure of water, for the good and for the bad. Similarly, Homeopathy uses the medium of water to carry the intention of a specfic cure. Basically, water retains a memory, or imprint of its interaction with consciousness, so water that has gone through a sewage treatment plant or was used to cool a nuclear reactor, to wash a very dirty and polluted area, travelled through a negative space or was scarred in any other way retains a memory of this as it goes forward, as does the Hartmann Grid, Curry Lines, etc.

There is a synergy that occurs when aspects of Mother Earth such as Ley Lines intersect.  Think about all the places of worship that are intrinsically drawn to the intersection of Ley Lines. I have dowsed out Ley Lines (carriers of consciousness) that were slightly fouled, but when they intersected with other slightly fouled Ley Lines the negativity was much greater than the sum of the parts around the area of intersection.

It is the same with water veins.  They carry forward what has been done to them and where they have been. If several water veins that have been harmed intersect, the effect at the intersection point is much greater. So do other aspects of Mother Earth such as the Hartmann Grid and more. No doubt the area around them, or above them, can create geopathic stress and be harmful.
Many of the environmental problems we face today are rooted in the belief that Mother Earth is to be conquered, to be used as we please or is harmful.  These beliefs are incredibly destructive to Mother Earth and have unfortunately mushroomed over the ages. To listen to my talk to the American Society of Dowsers on why the intersection of water veins, Ley Lines...are not naturally harmful.
Staffs mark water lines intersecting over my bed. Cushion  marks energy vortex vibe. Very positive to extremely positive. Contrary to naysayers I am not dead nor had cancer for sleeping over the intersection of 4 water lines for the last 20 years;

We look to educate others that there is nothing harmful about our Mother. She looks to love and nourish us. Anything harmful, detrimental, or noxious about Her is because of what we, humankind, have done to Her, so please stop with these myths and fallacies.

Is it Dowseable? What does it do?

Having a discipline gives us a framework and guidance to work with when  finding things in the unseen world, or tells us what to look for. It also makes us better able to understand the form and function of what we  find.

As I noted earlier with earth chakras, I have dowsed many of them, outlining their path and apparatus. I know that they transport the Life Force, what I call Earth Prana, and sustain and nourish all of creation; without it we would die. I was able to do this because of my belief system, the Eastern Hermetic School of Geomancy.


We see geomancy, divination of our Mother, as a tool to heal Her and help with our spiritual evolution, not as something titillating or thrill seeking. At our core, we are Earth Healers.

Because we respect and honor all of creation, whether in this or other realities, we do not impinge, bother, or interfere with life wherever it may be. We only communicate if we are ap- proached or if it becomes a necessity. Some may know this as a sort of Prime Directive.
Vermont NEARA coordinator Susan Blackmore placing a flower offering at a stone chamber near Calendar II in Vermont

If you loved Star Trek growing up, then please adhere to Star Fleet Order 1, the Prime Directive. Remember how cool that was?  The Prime Directive was one of the guiding principles of the United Federation of Planets and it prohibited interfering with and trying to influence alien cultures.

We do not try to actively communicate or interfere with aliens, nature spirits, ghosts, UFOs, spirits, beings in other realms, demons or entities - only if contacted, necessary or if it is part of your work. There is a big difference between actively looking for beings in other realms and finding them on a mystical journey.  The latter is natural; the former is wrong. A shaman’s journey is wonderful, but we remain open to the experience and do not make it an astral projection to  nd entities.

Our goal is to educate about Mother Earth’s subtle body, to better connect and work with Her and all of creation. Through that relationship we can co-create new births that benefit both of us and all of creation. The law of love.

We have guidelines to follow when going into the woods or visiting a sacred site, such as smudge yourself, say a prayer and bring an offering.

We are Earth Healers, Lovers of our Mother.

Thanks to Joscelyn Godwin whose vast knowledge of the Hermetic Tradition and occult knowledge I drew upon to define Hermeticism and come up with a name for a school of geomancy.

Group Meditation at the Welcome Circle in the Ledges Area of High Tor. From left to right, Janice Carr, Joscelyn Godwin, Peter Shell with Pepper on his lap.

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