Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spirit House--Georgetown NY


After my talk on sacred sites and healing this Sunday afternoon at the Psychic Fair at Beardslee Castle in Little Falls I decided to take Rte 20 back to Syracuse and at stop at Spirit House in Georgetown and nearby Mueller Hill forest.

Spirit House was one the first places that I wrote up for Mother Earth Prayers about 5 or more years ago. It is also one of my favorites and a very divine place and special place. This is where I was taught about fields of consciousness and many, many other things. As the blurb that I added as an update notes, it is one the most powerful places that I have found. Spirit House was put up for sale last year and has still not sold, although I did see some interested buyers when I visited.

If you have never been to Spirit House, I strongly suggest a visit. If you are looking to feel consciousness—this place oozes it.

Below is the blurb that I added. The full review has more information.

Madis Senner

Wow (added 2010)
Spirit House is one of the most powerful places that I have found in Mother Earth’s soul. There are numerous stacked fields of consciousness throughout the property. There is a stacked(12) field of consciousness, where 12 fields are placed upon each other; I have found only a few places that have such a high number.
The imprint of prayer and positive intention can be felt on the grounds. There are a least 4 natural vortices of cosmic prana in the back woods. A vortex forms from repeated prayer or healing and is a very positive sign and feature of a space. There is also several what I call, Chimayo Fatima, places where the veil to the other side has thinned. This opens up the possibility for connection to divine beings such as angels. I call it Chimayo Fatima, after Chimayo in New Mexico a place of miraculous healings and Fatima, Portugal saw apparitions of Mother Mary.
Don’t bother with the area around the house. Spend time in the woods behind the house.—it is a spiritual delight. Enter from the churches parking lot. The section about 20-30 feet south and 10 feet east is where the stacked field of 12 can be found and there are vortices on either side. Very, very nice. Meditating or spending time in a natural vortex is very healing and consciousness raising. You are getting an extra dose from the increased energy being pulled in by the vortex and you are also connecting with the field and higher consciousness of those that helped create the vortex.
The unfortunate thing is that this woods area is not maintained and contains weeds, thorned bushes, prickers and more. So you have to be dressed accordingly. A few years ago when we first discovered Spirit House the woods area was better maintained.
At a minimum I would recommend a contemplative walk in the woods; there is an overgrown, but manageable path. If you meditate, look to enhance your draw of essences by focusing on any sensation that comes to your body. This focus will give strength to what you are drawing in and being given by Mother Earth, thereby increasing your gift.
I strongly advice not to go there wanting to, or asking to, see angels or divine beings. Go with an honest and open heart, let your thoughts be pure and genuine, not seeking some reward or demand. If you are hurting, let it show. Just be honest. This will greatly increase your chances of being taken under someone’s wing.

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