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Charged Ley Lines Article


I wrote this  a few months back for the American Society of Dowsers's Digest and it should be out any day in the Spring Issue. 

by madis senner

Imagine my surprise when I ran across a charged ley line last December.  I have been scouring the Northeast for ley lines, or what I call "Spirit Lines," for over 15 years.  Then, KABOOM!

I felt – profoundly felt -- a ley line as I walked over it at Hipp Brook Preserve in Penfield, NY.  I was so moved that I decided to incorporate Hipp Brook and its charged ley line in my book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country, after I had already finished the book and was doing final edits.  Interestingly, in the previous few months, I consistently ran into ley lines that had a nice vibe, but nothing near to the feeling of this line.  

In the photo below, my measuring staff shows the direction of the ley line.  In the upper center you can see a series of large rocks marking the ley line.  My dog, Pepper, is on the trail that the ley line crosses.  The bench is next to the ley line.

A "charged" ley line is a ley line that carries a powerful dose of Christ Consciousness.  If you are at all sentient of Mother Earth, earth energies, or life force (Earth prana) that you attract during energy healing, then there is a good chance you will be able to sense and feel the effects of a charged ley line if you come across one.

Most of us have never experienced a charged ley line because we have never encountered one.  That’s because they have lost their charge.  I imagine that parts of a great many ley lines were once charged…so where have all the charged ley lines gone?

To understand why ley lines have lost their charge we must look at what ley lines are, and understand "consciousness."  I adhere to the Eastern philosophy that we exist in a sea of consciousness.

What is consciousness?  It is everything.  The air, the land, our bodies, our actions, our thoughts are all consciousness. Essentially, all that exists is consciousness and what we call "reality" is the interplay of consciousness with itself.

Consciousness has an associated morality.  Just as there are positive and negative energy vortices, so there is positive and negative consciousness.  Positive consciousness at its most extreme is the law of love, do unto others, altruism, compassion.   Negative consciousness at its farthest extreme is the law of self-interest, selfishness, cruelty, violence, etc.  All consciousness lies along this continuum from very positive to very negative.

As I noted in Vortices and Spirals, consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with and looks to balance out and find equilibrium.  For example, imagine a hot air duct in a house emitting hot air from the dryer into the cold air outside.  The hot and cold air will seek balance.  Thus, the temperature around the duct will be a warmer than the air outside, but it will be colder that the warm air that is being released.  The air will grow colder the farther it moves from the duct.  So it is with consciousness:  when positive consciousness meets with negative consciousness it will seek balance and equilibrium, the same as temperature does.

While there are many opinions about what ley lines are, I believe them to be carriers of consciousness in the unseen world.  They are a permeable conduit, and as such they can become a mode of transport for beings in the unseen world.  Viewed as such, the theories that ley lines are used as faery paths and spirit paths, and are habited by UFOs and aliens, make sense.  Similarly, many see ley lines linking like-minded institutions or places of worship, or what John Michell calls “Ley Consciousness” as an ancestral memory of alignments.

Charged ley lines are rare because they have been sullied, contaminated, tainted, polluted, desecrated, and worse.  Ley lines originate from Mother Earth’s Soul, from an area I call North Star Country (the Northeast of the USA, with central New York being the center.)  They start out carrying Christ Consciousness, which is quickly contaminated.  Sometimes they are contaminated at the get-go because most of the world is caked over with violence, selfishness, technology, etc.  The longer an area has been inhabited, the greater the chances that consciousness of the land will be negative.

Consciousness interacts with the consciousness it comes in contact with.  So the Christ Consciousness that a ley line carries quickly encounters negative consciousness (space) and loses it charge.  Very positive consciousness progressively diminishes and becomes more negative the farther it gets from its point of origination in North Star Country.  It can even become very negative.

The charged ley line at Hipp Brook was special because I experienced its point of origination (a Field of Consciousness).  Hipp Brook was once a sacred place and has a very positive vibe.  And because it is a wetland preserve, people have not spent much time there, polluting it with their actions and intentions.

I believe I have encountered many charged ley lines in powerful Fields of Consciousness where ley lines originate.  Yet the one at Hipp Brook was the line that I noticed.  Perhaps that is because I needed to tell the world about charged ley lines and the potential they hold to transform and advance our collective consciousness.  So I'm doing that through this article and will do so through my presentation at the ASD Convention. 

Madis Senner is a former global money manager turned Seeker.  He is a Keeper, watching over and spiritually cleansing/ enhancing several sacred sites.  Sacred Sites in North Star Country is his fourth book and is available for purchase through the ASD bookstore.  You can read his musings at

To see Madis’s January 2017 presentation on charged ley lines to his Finger Lakes Dowsers Chapter, click on Charged Ley Lines, or go to his  YouTube channel, MotherEarthPrayers.  

(Editor's Note:  Madis will present "Space:  The Final Frontier" at the ASD Convention on June 18, 2017.  He also will lead meditations ON a ley line.  This powerful experience will charge both the line AND the attendees.)  

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