Monday, May 1, 2017

Beware of ticks

I have been out in the woods many times this spring doing surveys, Keeper's work and hiking. On several occasions I found ticks on me, or on my dogs. I have also had to pull ticks off my body the next day. In all my years I have never seen it so bad. The mild winter and other factors have contributed to this.

Make sure to apply repellent when you go out.

I suggest wearing long light colored, or khaki colored, pants. That way you will be better able to see tick on you. Miquitos are also less attracted to light colored clothing.

If you are not going tuck your pants under your socks (this means ticks have to crawl up leg to get inside your clothing) I suggest you wear a pair of low rise gaiters. Gaiters will also reduce the mud on your pants and give you some protection if you walk through water while crossing a stream.

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