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Poland’s Nature Preserve--A Hidden Treasure--Poland, NY

Gone--Poland’s Nature Preserve:A Hidden Treasure--Poland, NYPlease note the Poland School System has sold the Preserve
How is this possible?

One of the many places of Prayer in Upstate NY.
Tucked away in the foothills of the southern Adirondacks is the Nature Preserve of the Poland School System and a precious piece of Mother Earth’s soul that contains numerous stacked fields of consciousness and other divine aspects. Easily accessible and yet remote, visually beautiful and oozing consciousness and earth energies, the Nature Preserve on Buck Hill Road, less than 20 miles north of Utica, is a rare place.
The Preserve
The Nature Preserve is part of the Poland Central School system and was donated to them years ago. Clearly it has been rescued and offers refuge, there is no killing of animals, burning of fires or other acts of degradation allowed on the property. It appears that the intent of the school system is to keep it wild and natural, in other words to allow it just to be.
There are two access points for the preserve. The top point is entered at the intersection of Buck Hill and Military Roads. From the parking area follow the dirt road west. The road dips for a stream and then rises again. You will come upon a field in about 100 years. Continue walking straight. As you enter the woods you will see a large stone on your left. Directly across from the stone is an elevated area that contains a stacked field (7) of consciousness. Spend some time there. Fields of consciousness are divine aspects of Mother Earth’s soul that I have consistently found them near where great people lived or great events happened—epiphanies, religious movements were born, centers or social justice, etc. A stacked field of consciousness occurs when several fields are located upon each—the more fields that are upon each other the stronger the formation. I indicate the number in parentheses (), here there are seven (7).
Lower on Buck Hill Road you will see a Nature Preserve sign. The area is overgrown and not maintained. Park your car there. Walk downhill past the sign and take a right onto an overgrown footpath, less than 20 yards. Continue walking through briars and other diversions. Up ahead about 30-50 yards the woods open up. You will be on the side of hill well behind people’s homes. This is heaven.
Usually I tell people where the fields of consciousness are and where to go. Not this time. There are dozens of stacked fields throughout. For example, going straight ahead you will see a gully. There are several stacked fields of 7 before it and after it about 30-50 feet above the sign.
I believe that there are many more divine aspects of Mother Earth down below into the Valley and its environs. But I cannot say for sure, because all was not revealed to me during my two visits. Revelation whether it be exploring our own soul or the divine or Mother Earth takes time and effort. I would not be surprised if there were stacked fields of consciousness where 10 or more fields were stacked on each other. I expect that other divine aspects are there as well, features such as connections to higher planes of existence.
A Rare Find
I still pinch myself to think that such a divine hillside and valley exists undisturbed in isolation, full of divine aspects of Mother Earth. It could be because so many other hiking trails and vistas are available close by in the Adirondacks and people go to those other places.
There are some signs that this once was a sacred site, such as the formation of energy vortexes. Energy vortexes form where people pray meditate and do ritual and they remain in a place for a long time. When I find them near piles of stones or divine aspects of Mother Earth I assume that prayers and ritual had taken place there before.
All I can say is that this place is a real sanctuary, offering a serene setting with divine aspects. It has the potential to make you feel that you have walked into another room, or another dimension and all that matters is where you are and the moment at hand.
Getting There
The Poland School System’s Nature Preserve is located on Hill Road in Poland, NY. Take route 8 north out of Poland. Take a left onto to Buck Hill Road (218). A little more than half way up the hill you will find the Nature Preserve on your left hand side, farther up is the intersection with Military Road.
Thanks to Lorraine Mavins for her photography and assistance.
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