Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video's and upcoming talks, workshops


I have just posted two videos and will be giving a talk this Friday and offering a workshop on November 21st.

Video--Stay Healthy by Cleaning your subtle body--

Video--Using Energy Vortex Formation to Verify Sacred Sites--South HIll (Canandaigua lake, NY)

Friday November 13th 7PM

Talk on health, your subtle body and meditation (Free)

Healing Art Passages

137 First Street

Liverpool, NY

Saturday November 21st. 1 to 7PM Workshop $65.

Become a better Healer, Learn to Work with Mother Earth

Healing Art Passages

137 First Street

Liverpool, NY

Early registration necessary call Suzanne 426-9987.

Whether you are a practicing healer or someone that is looking to boost their health and vitality this workshop will teach you how to improve the healing process by showing you how to better tap into the energy in the environment around. All hands on healing techniques from Reiki to Therapeutic Touch draw energy (life force) from the immediate environment (the field) around them to do a healing, By understanding how Mother Earth works you can better channel healing energies.

This workshop will teach you:

*The basics about the Energy Field we live in and the dynamic relationship between healer and Mother Earth.

*Why space matters and choosing the right place to facilitate healing.

*You will learn about energy blockages in the environment and how to remove them.

*How to enhance your space for better results.

*How Mother Earth can raise your vibration to make you healthier and less vulnerable to disease. A HIGH Vibration is the key to building immunity to contagions.

*Things you can do to strengthen your healing ability.

*Basic dowsing skills will be taught and participants are asked to bring a pair of L-rods if possible.


Madis Senner

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