Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wind Turbine Syndrome


This past winter I posted a report on Wind Turbines and how they damaged Mother Earth and made people sick. What seemed radical, arguably blasphemous at that time is beginning to be accepted. Today I came across an upcoming book by a doctor from Malone, NY that documents, what she calls Wind Turbine Syndrome:

Below are a few other reports documenting people that live near wind turbines getting sick. But technological induced disease are not confined to wind turbines. If you are suffering from migraines, sleep disorders or similar ailments and have no major diseseases or are not under significant stress then chances are good that you are suffering from some technolocial disruption of Mother Earth.

Visiting one of the sacred sites at will make you feel better and possibly help begin the healing process if you stick with it. You should also make an effort to connect with Mother Earth and gain sentience of her.

There is another Dr. in Maine who has consistently found people that live near Wind farms suffer from migraines and sleep disorders:

Sick in Japan--
Sick in Missouri--

Sick in the UK--Here is an article in the UK Guardian and another Dr. Pierrepont talking about illness:

Let us hope that we can start to look objectively at wind turbines so that we can understand how they and other technologies damage Mother Earth.

Madis Senner

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