Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hotumn--A new Season of the year has been created

Soaring temperatures in much of America, as October has felt like August,  had  the NY Times proclaiming a new season of the year today;

‘Hotumn’ Takes Hold as October Temperatures Soar

Saying, "Maybe we do need a fifth season. Not autumn, but “hotumn” — a between-time when thighs and shoulders linger a little longer, and fans of fall fashion are left sweating in their boots."

Here are some other recent articles of interest regarding climate change:

Climate Change Journalist Warns: 'Mother Nature Is Playing By Different Rules Now'

Once were sceptics: What convinced these scientists that climate change is real?

Climate Change Will Bring Major Flooding to New York Every 5 Years

IMF chief warns of 'dark future' over climate change

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