Monday, October 2, 2017

Vigil for the Victims of Las Vegas, Tuesday 6 PM Peacemaker's Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

Gathering to Support the victims of Las Vegas and each other

When: Tuesday (10/3/17) 6 PM

Where: Onondaga Lake, West Shore Trail, Peacemaker’s Sanctuary

Join us as we gather as a community to heal and send our spiritual consolations to those all those affected in Las Vegas and deal with our own emotions. Join others as we look to come together in our fractured nation.

Dave Pasinky, chaplain and others (pending) will lead us in a short 20-30 minute service—It gets dark at 6:40PM.

Here is a link to map and directions.Directions for the Peacemaker’s Sanctuary Onondaga Lake

The Peacemaker’s Sanctuary is located on the West Shore Trail of Onondaga Lake park. Just west of where the trail divides before the Beach Street Overpass over Rt 690. It is a large clearing with two benches with Peacemaker’s Sanctuary on the plaque. Allow yourself 10 minutes if you park on Beach Street or 20-25 minutes if you walk from West Shore Trail Parking by the mouth of the Seneca River.

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