Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gobind Sadan Celebration Feb 25, 7PM

What:  Baba Virsa Singh's Birthday Celebration at Gobind Sadan

When:  Saturday, February 25, 7 PM

Where: Gobind Sadan
            105 Graves Road
            Central Square, NY

All are welcome to attend the celebration of Baba Ji's Birthday at the Gobind Sadan Ashram. What he called, "One of the holiest places in the world!" This would be an excellent chance to join the Sikh community in celebrating one of their icons. It will also give you the opportunity to meditate in a powerful place; one that would nourish your soul and improve your meditation.

When I wrote up Gobind Sadan for  Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (Pa, Oh, NJ, CT, Ma, VT, Ont) That Changed the World I had never been in the meditation center. I was there a few weeks back.

When I walked into the mediation center--WOW. It has an extremely positive vibe, rests on a stack (12) Field of Consciousness (the highest) and has a vortex. It was an incredibly powerful and uplifting experience to meditate there.

Below is a picture of the meditation room. It is an old out building converted to a meditation center after the old temple was burned down. The ceremonial fire in the center room is stoked and fed incense on a continual basis. Ralph Singh would like to have the sacred fire going 24/7. He may be looking for volunteers to come by, or even spend a few days on a longer retreat in this shangra la and keep the fires going. When Ralph went to India years ago for one week  I would visit his house in Elbridge to do ceremony and feed a wooden statue of Baba Virsa Chand. This was over ten years ago.

More pictures

In the picture above I am standing in the vortex in the meditation room. A sure sign that this place is holy and divine. As I noted in Vortices and Spirals,  a vortex forms in response to prayer/meditation/cermony and are found at holy places around the world. Unfortunately, many supposed holy places don't have vortices, or even a positive vibe.

This would be a great place to sit and meditate when you visit. They gave me a an orange scarf to cover my head.

The meditation room is an incredibly powerful place. When you meditate in a place where others, more experienced meditators have meditated, you benefit and up your meditation. In other words, you can significantly improve your meditation by meditating there. For those that have played basketball, think how much better your game is when you play with better players.

We will be holding an Earth Healer's Gathering at Gobind Sadan this spring/summer and hopefully the temple will be opened up early for us to soak in the divinity of this precious piece of Mother Earth's Soul.

Take advantage of this opportunity to raise your consciousness and become a better meditator on Saturday, February 25th. Join in the celebration with this warm and welcoming community.


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