Sunday, February 26, 2017

Unsung Hero of North Star County Gerrit Smith Featured

Ever since I began scouring upstate NY for sacred sites fifteen years ago I am continually reminded of the area's rich history of reform, social justice and spirituality. One of its unsung hero's was Gerrit Smith of Peterboro, a leading activist and rich philanthropist that funded many causes and people. 

Gerrit Smith's Peterboro estate was listed as a sacred site in my original listing of sacred sites and is included in my book Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Places in Greater New York State That Changed the World.

I mention this because Smith was  featured in WAER's most recent segment on the Underground Railroad in Upstate New York. The feature details  the enormity of Smith's contribution to reform efforts to make a better world in North Star Country.

Listen and be amazed, and ask yourself, "Why Have I never heard of this man?"

New York Abolition Efforts, Douglass, Tubman, had Key Benefactor in CNY who Many People Don't Know

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