Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gobind Sadan (Central Square,) Saturday Evening 6PM, Meditation and Birthday Celebration

What:  Baba Virsa Singh's Birthday Celebration at Gobind Sadan



When:  Saturday, February 25, 

6 PM Meditation--Open meditation & Guided Meditation to Experience Consciousness                                              

7 PM Birthday Celebration Begins

Where:   Gobind Sadan---105 Graves RoadCentral Square, NY

We will be gathering at 6PM for meditation one hour before the celebration of Baba Jis Birthday begins in the Meditation Center. We did this so people can experience the incredibly powerful and amped up Meditation Center:
  1. Powerful Fields of Consciousness, Stacked 12
  2. An extremely positive vibe
  3. A vortex
  4. A powerful imprint (samskara) of meditation created by accomplished meditators. Meditating in such an environment will give you a change to significantly improve your meditative ability.
There will also be a guided meditation to help you develop the ability to sense and Feel Consciousness. Being able to sense and feel consciousness has innumerable benefits:
  1. Better help you connect with our Mother Earth.
  2. Expand and strengthen your aura.
  3. Improve your physical and spiritual health as you soak up more of Mother Earth.
  4. Improve your sentience.
The Downside is that you will become sensitive of space, which unfortunately most of is; bad so you may get pinching sensations in your forehead area. You will eventually be turned off by sound therapy, gongs and drum circles because it will be too much for you as your aura expands. All those things are meant to strengthen your aura and cleanse--Mother Earth will be doing that for you now once you begin to sense and feel Her many emanations 24/7.

All are welcome to attend the celebration of Baba Ji's Birthday at the Gobind Sadan Ashram. What he called, "One of the holiest places in the world!" This would be an excellent chance to join the Sikh community in celebrating one of their icons. Food will be served late;beginning some time between 9 and 10PM. So I recommend eating first unless you are a night owl. Sikh tradition is to have a meal after a service/celebration for all to enjoy.

Gobind Sadan is one of the top places listed in my book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (Pa, Oh, NJ, CT, Ma, VT, Ont) That Changed the World 

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