Friday, November 15, 2019

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 4 Stone Piles/Columns

We found lots of stone piles, many several were stacked in columns. Many appeared to be  located on earth formations, or in a line, or grouped together for some reason. 

The column of stones below was over 7 feet tall, the tallest by far.

The tall stone column appeared to be aligned with others.

In the picture above my staff is next to the tall column. Notice the stone column behind the tree.

The picture above is the most distant stone pile that seems to be aligned with the tall stone column. 

It looks like there is almost a small entryway for the stone pile above. Its form shows that the stones were stacked with intent to give it its form. 

Here is a thought about the stone pile below.
Were they placed there to serve a specific purpose, or highlight something?
Or were they a pile created from single standing stones, or amalgams of other stone structures?

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