Friday, November 15, 2019

Stone Structures--Hudson Valley/ Catskills Part 2 Dragon Lines

Feng Shui speaks of dragon lines--lines of energy that curve and twist. In contrast to most energy lines that are straight.  The wall below  curved and twisted over the landscape for some length.

Although the picture above does not clearly depict it, you are looking at a hairpin turn in the wall. Not a right angle turn, but one like the end of a hairpin. Notice how thick the wall is. Also notice the stone wall in the background.

 Look how the wall above curves.

 Interesting another pile of large stones next to the wall. Why not make the stones part of the wall?

 Notice the curve in wall.

The stone wall in the distance appeared to be 5-6 feet tall.

What gave credence to  my belief that the stone wall was not built by famers and was old and built for sacred purposes was the fact that there were Manitou stones embedded in the stone wall.

The above Manitou was located in a break in the stone wall.

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