Sunday, July 1, 2018

Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART IV--The Kings Chamber, The King's Stone Chamber

The King's Stone Chamber is the largest stone chamber in Putnam County and ranks up there with others around the world. The vibe was slightly positive close by and there is a water dome underneath. Both are indications that the King's Chamber was used for spiritual, healing or other sacred purposes. A water dome often forms in response to positive intentions.

I imagine that the vibe at the chamber was extremely positive at one time and there were Energy Vortices there once as well. But over time a space is diminished by negative human activity and lack of reverence for the space. Unfortunately curiosity seekers  and people with negative intentions have descrecated this sacred stone chamber and surrounding stone work. Ghost hunters, UFO seekers, archaeologists and that sort of ilk are very damaging to a sacred site. Technology is particularly pernicious, as is hunting.

A sacred space needs love and spiritual nourishment. Native Americans' speak of acting in a "sacred manner" when in a sacred space. Treating everything with reverence, respect and keeping your thoughts positive. Unfortunately our modern day world does not treat our Mother with respect and honor Her. Going into the woods to cry for a vision, or to experience great Spirit has been replaced by the FREAK SHOW OF LOOKING FOR ALIENS OR GHOSTS---OR ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPEDITIONS. This is so damaging to a space and dishonors the great souls that built this stone chamber and other sacred stone structures. 

A sacred space like a muscle needs to be exercised. And you do that with prayer, ceremony and meditation; Through sacred acts such as spreading tobacco, or smudging, or leaving an offering. It is not so much what you do, but your intention and focus needs to be on love, reverence and respect.

 My staffs are 5 feet tall in 1 foot increments. Resting against the entrance they give you a good perspective of the opening and overall size of the King's Chamber.

 The staffs mark the water veins that begin at the water dome underneath the chamber. The ends of the staffs closest to the chamber approximate the outside edge of the water dome.

A manitou stone close to the chamber is a strong indication of the spiritual nature and focus on Earth Energies of the King's Stone Chamber

We said some prayers and honored the space.
  As always we could have done much more.


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART V--The Church in the Woods

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