Sunday, July 1, 2018

Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VI-- The Blue Orb (Observer) at The Church in the Woods

Whoever constructed the Church in the Woods knew about Mother Earth's Unseen Body and looked to work with Her, or enhance Her. There was also a mysterious guest there during our visit.

An elaborate effort was undertaken to mark an Energy Line.
 A line of stones have been placed on an Energy Line that is marked by my staffs. Notice the wall in the back.

Notice the triangular shaped hole in the stone wall that aligns with the Energy Line. Basically, someone decided to get fancy and give further emphasis to the Energy Line by creating a hole in the shape of a triangle to show where the Energy Line was.

Here is a closeup courtesy of Bill Pollard.

Given the powerful Earth Energies and very positive vibe you would expect to see orbs in pictures

In the upper right hand side of the picture above there appears to be a white orb.

But there was another orb that Bill captured with his camera. A blue orb that does not appear to be a function of Earth Energies.

Bill took a picture of me while I was marking the Energy Line with my staffs. Notice a blue orb in the upper right hand side of the picture.

Here is a closeup where I cropped the picture.

WOW. That does not look like any orb that I have seen before. The rings make it look like a planet. It is definitely something from another realm. Amazing.

When Bill sent me the picture with the blue orb I sent it out to a few others to get their opinions. Fellow Earth Healer Janice Carr said it looked to be some sort of observer or watcher.

Here is what PMH Atwater had to say. PMH is a pioneer in the Near Death Experience world and is well respected for her insights.
"It has guardian energy in and around it, yet this form is quite alive and thinking.  It is taking in all that you are and what you want and what you’re doing. . . like an “I-Spy” entity.  You must have some Watchers around that it is feeding info to. I’ve seen these forms before when in Watcher territory."
She went on to say that they are all about business (observation) and report their findings to someone, but she does not know who.

We said a group prayer and headed back. I was pressed to get back to New Paltz to speak.

As I noted in the previous post I wished I would have had time to meditate. It is critical that you pray, meditate or do ceremony at such sacred sites to nourish them and keep them vibrant.

Again, I had concerns that writing about this place would attract curiosity seekers, ghost hunters, UFO hunters, or archaeologists whose activities and intentions damage sacred space and our Mother. But ultimately I need to show people what is possible when love, pray, giving, healing... occur at a sacred site.

My trip continued Saturday morning at Estelle Weed's woods behind her home. While there was no Church in the Woods there, I found  some great stone work and places with a positive, to very positive vibe. It just shows that people once had great reverence for Mother Earth and many places have weathered the millennia well.


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VII--Estelle Weed's Woods and its Many Stone Structures

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