Sunday, July 1, 2018

Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART III--The Stone Block Wall

Not far from the Solstice Chamber was a wall made of stone blocks. Bill Pollard discovered  it and pointed it out to us. He found it particularly interesting because of the holes in the stone blocks, that were reminiscent of the holes found in stone blocks near the Meads Corner Chamber also in Putnam County.

 Close up of the holes. Photo by Bill Pollard

 Above picture shows the line of stones.

The stone blocks were aligned over an Energy Line. In other words, they were intentionally placed over the Energy Line. The staffs are a rough approximation of the Energy Line. I could not place the staffs on top of the stone blocks because they were uneven.


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART IV--The Kings Chamber, The King's Stone Chamber

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