Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part VI (of VII) What's with all the markings, holes

While I was taking all this in Bill pointed out some markings inside the chambers. An elongated semicircle was etched into many of the stones within the chamber. Why?

Some people dismiss as recent; not Bill.

What was the purpose? Had it something to do with cracking the stones to make them fit, had something to do with moving stone mounds....or.....?
 Meads Corner's Chamber Above

 Meads Corner's Chamber Above

 Whangtown Chamber Above

Whangtown Chamber Above

Another feature on the hill behind Meads Corners Stone Chamber was holes in many of the large stones. Did these stones fail to crack? Where they...????? 

Bill has measured all of the holes and found that they are consistently 11" or 16" in depth. Interesting.

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Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part VII (FINAL) Bill Pollard Putnam County's Stone Chamber Expert

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