Sunday, August 20, 2017

Faery Festival Pictures

All had a good time at the Faery and Earth Festival at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY yesterday. The vibe of the group was very positive as people came to celebrate and honor our Mother. Many got dressed up. Some created elaborate structures. Some took joy in making others happy.

Here are some pictures.

Fortunately my booth was located close to the crossroads of activity. Before the opening ceremony kids where drawing on the sidewalk.

 Here are I am hugging the dragon created by the two ladies on the left. It was a labor of love that they have been adding to for 7 years. Janice Carr on the right was taking it all in. Photograph by Tim Hart.
 Some made it feel as though you were at a Renaissance Festival.
 These two friends were having a ball dressed as stags. They kept telling me winter is coming. They gladly posed.

Jim Wilson one of the organizers is prepping for some sort of ceremony.

The Bubble Lady was such a wonder and joy to watch. She parked herself out on a bench on the crossroads not too far from our booth. She had a large bucket of dish-liquid, or some other bubble making material and two sticks with rope attached which she would raise and let the bubbles fly.

Some of the bubbles would drift hundreds of feet through the booths.

Others would be popped before they could get too far by children running into them.

If you ever get down, depressed or discouraged look at the joy of these children running into bubbles. I regret I did not make a video.

Attend a Faery and Earth Festival near you and experience the love, wonder and happiness of those celebrating our Mother and all of creation.


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Janice Carr said...

What a glorious day it was being at the Faery Festival! It was a unique chance to dwell in a place of magic, joy and love celebrating Mother Earth and her faery spirits. The costumes and acting were wonderful and heartfelt. The merchants there had creative quality items for purchase and psychic readings were also available.