Sunday, August 6, 2017

Perch Lake/River Will be Open August 12 to the 24th

The NYS DEC will be opening up parts of its Perch River Wildlife Management Area August 12 to the 24 that are only open once a year. Perch River is located a little north of Watertown NY along rte. 81. There are supposedly  numerous earth mounds located on the grounds. I went there 10-12 years ago and did not find much--but I was new to dowsing.

Here are some helpful links about the mounds:

NYS Museum Annular Mounds at Perch River

William Beauchamp's, Perch lake mounds, with notes on other New York mounds, and some accounts of Indian trails

Noted NYS Archaelaogist William F. Ritchie on the Perch River mounds.

The many of the mounds appear to be fire pits of some kind. If this interests you I encourage you to go and explore.

Here is the NYS DEC alert:

State Lifts Restricted Access to WMAs to Give Public a Peek

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today that the agency is opening several otherwise restricted Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) to the public in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties from Saturday, August 12, through Sunday, August 27, 2017.

Portions of these WMAs are marked as "Refuge" or "Wetlands Restricted Area" to allow waterfowl and other listed species to breed and raise young without interference from people.

During the 16-day period, Upper and Lower Lakes and Wilson Hill WMAs in St. Lawrence County, including their wetland restricted and refuge areas, will be open to visitors each day from sunrise to sunset.

Perch River WMA in Jefferson County will also be open to visitors with the exception of the lower pool refuge parking lot and dike that will be closed due to construction. Visitors will be asked to keep a safe distance from the construction area. Also, the Perch Lake proper will be open but hours are restricted and will open at noon. Perch River WMA encompasses 7,800 acres in the towns of Brownville, Orleans, and Pamelia. It can be accessed from State Route 12, Allen Rd., Buckminster Road, Vaadi Road, and Perch Lake Road. The Perch Lake proper (accessed by Perch Lake Rd.) will be open from noon until sunset each day. Fishing will be allowed but motorized boats are not permitted.

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