Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part III(of VII)--The Stone Pile

What drew me to Whangton was a picture of a stone mound I saw on the NEARA webpage

Whangtown Stone Mound 

It was very reminiscent of the stone mounds at High Tor; a dimpled center and appeared to be covering some Earth Chakras. Here are some examples from my Clarks Gully Blog:
The Ledges, Marked Energy Lines, Fare ye well--May 11, 2017 Visit
Ledges Area--Another Example of Incredible Stone Work

Here are some pics

 Staffs mark a few of the Energy Lines; many more were not marked. Three yellow tapes breaking from the red and white staff mark Earth Chakras. Notice the width on the left side.
It was one of the largest stone mounds I had ever seen. It was also connected to a very large stone wall; which begged the question where does the fence end and stone mound begin?

 Pepper in the dimpled center.

 The front of the mound. The staff is in increments of 1 foot.

Janice Carr saying a blessing and laying a red carnation in the center. She is preparing to spread some tobacco. We said prayers and gave blessings at all of the structures. Sadly because we were time constrained we did not meditate at any location.

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