Saturday, August 12, 2017

Whangtown Stone Chambers, Part VII (FINAL) Bill Pollard Putnam County's Stone Chamber Expert

Kudo's to Bill Pollard for spending the day showing the stone chambers, stone mounds and standing stones. I am not alone. Bill has led many others as well.

Thanks to his effort we know about the stone chambers in Putnam County and the lower Hudson River Valley. He says there are over 200. Thanks to people like him we know about the treasure trove of ancient stone structures, earthen mounds, standing the states.

Thank someone you know for their work in your home town.

Thanks, Bill!

 Bill on the right with me.

 Bill spreading tobacco and giving a blessing at the stone mound.

Bill petting Pepper.

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Whangtown Stone Chambers--Part I (of VII) Overview and the Main Chamber

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