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Whangtown Stone Chambers-- Part II (of VII) Proof that the Stone Chamber is Sacred

Anyone that appreciates stone chambers will tell you that many of them are sacred. However, are there other barometers we can use to determine whether the Whangtown Stone Chamber was once used for spiritual, or sacred purposes?

There are certainly tools to gauge the sacredness of a place.

Water Line. There is a water line running down the center of  the chamber as the picture below shows. 
Staff marks the Water Line.
 I don't regularly dowse for water, but am fairly confident that there is a water line bisecting the chamber and running outside. The direction of water flow within the line is going away from the stone chamber. Bill tells me that the chamber can be wet and that water runs into it, not out of it. But we are talking about a water line below the surface.

What I forgot to do while I was there was to check where the water line began. A subsequent map dowsing of the picture tells me that the water line begins at the end of the chamber.

Again, I am not a water dowser per se, but my impression is that water domes, or what they call blind springs form in response to prayer/meditation/ceremonty and not water lines. A water dome is water that attempts to bubble to the surface of the earth from below in response to good deeds/thoughts and stops below it reaches the surface and forms a dome. Water veins break from the side of the dome and may rise to the surface as a holy spring. While I feel confident about the water line, I would not be surprised if I was wrong.

All said and done water domes are a very positive sign and indicative the positive, or spiritual activities took place above at some point in time.

The staffs mark the water line inside the stone chamber. It appears that the water line is shallow and begins at the end of the chamber.
 The Vibe As I always say its all about the vibe. As I noted in Vortices and Spirals a positive vibe is an indication that good things, or spiritual activities took place at a location. We leave imprints of our thoughts and deeds wherever we go. These imprints have a morality to them, which a geomancer can gauge. A spiritual fingerprint of sorts.

The problem with using the vibe is that what once was a sacred place has been subsequently desecrated. Unfortunately as I noted in Part I the Whangtown mound has subsequently become a place frequently by the curious and thrill seekers. Archaeologists may have done digs there. And most certainly all sorts of innuendo from Celtic explorers, to UFO's, to a haunted place. All this sours the vibe and turns it negative.

You need to act in a sacred manner when visiting a sacred sites. Keep your thoughts and actions positive while there. Fortunately Bill tells me he has been there to experience several winter solstices; and the search of the web shows he is not alone. This helps reinvigorate and counter the negativity.

Pepper is sitting on a large stone slab about 30 feet in front of the Whangtown Stone Chamber.
The vibe was positive, to maybe slightly positive within the stone chamber.  Most space is neutral at best.

As another guage I looked at locations at the periphery of the sacred stone chamber. The back of the chamber, an area probably less frequented by people, had a slightly positive vibe. Whereas the stone in the picture above had a positive vibe. These areas less frequented by people tell me that the stone chamber was used for spiritual, or healing purposes.

Archeoastronomy. Bill tells me that the chamber opening aligns with the winter solstice; an indication that it was used for holy purposes. Archeoastronomy examines how people in the past looked at the sky and how they created stone and other structures to experience such.

I am not an archeoastronomer, but take Bill at his word. This does not necessarily mean that the purpose of the stone chamber was to solely experience the solstice. There are other things at work there which I shall write about subsequently that give even stronger indications of the spiritual nature of the stone chamber.

Conclusion. These three indicators give weight to the belief that the stone chamber was used for spiritual purposes. As I just noted above there are other things at work that I will write about subsequently that will give further credence to the sacred nature of the main stone chamber at Whangtown.

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