Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The church on the Water--Half Moon Bay Sanctuary, Thousand Islands

In putting together my book Sacred Sites in North Star Country one of the places I was considering was Half Moon Bay on Bostwick Island in the Thousand Islands  near Gananoque in Ontario, Canada. In the summer a church service is held there on every other Sunday in July and early August. Below is a flyer and a link for more information.

If you are interested in seeing a video click on Half Moon Bay Cathedral

A map dowsing indicated that a Field of Consciousness is located near the inlet. The question I had was whether one can get out of the boat and walk the grounds? I am told that there is some public space, but does it contain the Field of Consciousness? Because of these questions and the challenge of getting there I decided not to survey the location; and Half Moon Bay was not included in Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

You can take a boat there, or a ferry from Gananoque. For more info call the tourist bureau in Gananoque, or go to the Half Moon Bay website. I am told that some people leave from Clayton, NY; although its a bit farther.

The Thousand Islands is a lovely place especially this time of year. I have a section of Sacred Sites in North Star Country, pages 241-256 dedicated to it, with some wonderful places to experience Mother Earth and Her Fields; on both sides of the border.

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