Friday, July 6, 2018

Sacred Site Update--Gossamer Wood

Several of us gathered at Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY for Earth Healing and cleaning up and opening up the space this July 4th Wednesday. We are looking to raise money to buy it and turn it into a sacred preserve for all to enjoy. 

Since Bill Dewey sold his house in January we have had to put in new trails,  refashion older ones and heal the ones damaged by the weather. We have also made a big effort to clean, expand and make the property more friendly and accessible for pilgrims. Much of this year will be spent to make the grounds more accessible--AND OF COURSE JACK UP THE ALREADY INCREDIBLE VIBE.

You can learn more and donate at, Gossamer Wood

Kareen and Bill inspecting a trail.

Wednesday was incredibly hot in the mid 90⚬'s I found some amazing things, from more energy vortices, sacred stones, more powerful features of Mother Earth...... I guess I should not be surprised...but more and more is being revealed.

Spirit Keeper's stone. Here I am standing next to a sacred stone, in front of me to the right--covered with moss. Looking at it seems like no big deal, however it marks the high point in a Field of Consciousness--an unbelievable Stacked 12 (S12.) An S12 is when 12 FOC's are placed upon each other; the highest formation and rare. 

Because of its placement strategically over the high point in the FOC one has to assume that it was intentionally placed there and whoever created it knew what they were doing.  I believe it was created by a mystical group very intimate with Mother Earth's subtle body that I call Spirit Keepers. Amazing. This was an incredible find and adds to the other S12 at Gossamer and has it moving closer to being in the rarified company of Onondaga Lake and its sacred space.

 I found a vortex ring close to the sacred stone on the S12 and decided to create a stone circle around it to act as a splint and nurse it back to health. (I discuss vortex rings on pages 52-56 of Vortices and Spirals.) A water vein also begins in this area. Another indication that prayer, meditation, ritual, healing and good and loving thoughts/acts occurred here. Thanks to the great souls that did this, we hope that we can honor your spirit by adding to it.

I constructed a short entryway to the S12 and Vortex Ring.

 Another Spirit Keepers stone. This one marks a S8. Another find--the stone and the FOC. There were also several Manitou Stones and other sacred stones in the area. That whole area  close to the creek is loaded with all sorts of wonders.

Janice meditating on the highpoint of a FOC. It is the prayers, meditations, rituals, healings that raise the vibe of a space. Basically it jacks it up and enhances it. Very Nice. 

In the spirit and knowledge of the Spirit Keepers I marked the high point of all the FOC with large flat stones. It is my experience that they would at a minimum mark the high points with a stone, or stone mound; they would also place other stones in the area. I plan on adding more stones to this sacred area, hopefully several hundred more over the next few years.

We could use more meditators. If all you want to do is meditate for hours on end in such sacred space, please comment below and leave your contact information which I will take down after I contact you.

There is a lot more I did not photograph such as a cistern with a water dome underneath it, several other FOC, Manitou Stones...

You can learn more and donate at, Gossamer Wood

PS. People have been meditating in the energy vortex, what I call a natural vortex,  in the Spirit Keeper's Stone Circle and it has gotten even stronger. Kareen, Bill and I could feel it 10-15 feet away as we approached it. WOW!

A medicine wheel Kareen and Donna put together near the woods by the entrance.

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