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Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART V--The Church in the Woods

Later we went exploring and walked quite some distance. I should say that Bill Pollard was the lead on this. It was Bill's intrepid  nature that led me to the Whangtown Stone Chamber to see a large stone mound/wall with hollowed a out center. Bill certainly has a good sense for things.

As soon as we got to the space Bill said,


WOW. It certainly did.

It had an incredible vibe.

It was a simple set of very thick (4-6 feet) stone walls.

Somehow this little enclave had remained hidden for ages. I say this because the intricate stone work marking Earth Energies is knowledge   that has been lost for millennia.

It survived because there was nothing ostentatious, or ornate about it to attract the curious; Just a place of reverence for Mother Earth and  a lot of spiritual sweat from prayers and  ceremonies. Ghost Hunters, UFO buffs, archaeologists, curiosity seekers are often drawn to spectacular displays, or where weird things have happened--not to places like this. There is no eye candy, nothing spooky no massive stones or anything similar. Just an overwhelming sense of the sacred and wonder that envelopes you when you are there.

Over the years I have developed a Theory for this, and have posted about it. I call it the Ostentatious, Extravagant, Gaudy or Donald Trump Theory of Sacred Sites. Not because of Donald Trump's political views but for his taste for ornate and gaudy things such as gold toilet seats, jewels, etc.... I developed this theory long ago, well before his politics and Apprentice TV show having  lived in NYC for more than 2 decades.

It may be hard to believe such places still exist. That is because we are so disconnected from Mother Earth.

Clearly whoever built this wonderful enclave was knowledge of our Mother and Earth Energies. Above is a Manitou Stone with my staffs marking the intersection of Energy Lines.

Not only was the vibe very positive to extremely positive but an Energy Vortex was there. Energy Vortices, or what I call Natural Vortices form where good things happen, or where people pray, meditate or do ritual. A water vein had also formed in response to the sacred activities that took place in the Church in the Woods, which is marked by my staffs.

WOW. An Energy Vortex thousands of years old was able to survive. As you know I am a big believer that you can Transcend Time  and connect with the spirit of those that constructed the Energy Vortex by meditating in it; as I noted in the beginning of my book Vortices and Spirals and in YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I had to leave to go give an overview of my talk for the next day at the Dowsers Convention in New Paltz. Bummer. But I did show Bill where it was and marked it for him so that he could come back and meditate in it.

 Bill Pollard and Polly Midgley.

Polly basking in the power of the space and soaking up the energy and  love.

We basked in the space and said some prayers. I wanted to meditate but had to leave for a prior engagement.

Was I Right To Tell People About This Place?
I did much soul searching and discussion with folks about whether to publicly post about the Church in the Woods fearing that it would be desecrated by curiosity seekers, ghost hunters, UFO hunters, archaeologists and that ilk who through their activities and intentions desecrate sacred space and harm our Mother. However, I also realize that if I am preaching about the wonders of Mother Earth and the co-creative power of humankind to work with Her to uplift and create new births such as Energy Vortices, or to uplift/heal space, then I need to provide examples. And boy is this a wonderful example! A shining demonstration of how humankind working with Mother Earth can enhance a space and raise its vibe.

Praise and thanks to all the great souls that created this wonderful space. I am honored and thankful for your gift. Blessings to you. May I and others add to the love and spirit you have nourished there. Thanks.

If you visit  this,  or some other sacred site, spend some time meditating there, bring an offering, say a prayer. Give it some LOVE!

But there was much more to the Church in Woods.


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VI-- The Blue Orb (Observer) at The Church in the Woods

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