Friday, June 29, 2018

Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VII--Estelle Weed's Woods and its Many Stone Structures

Early on Saturday morning I had a chance to survey Estelle Weed's property. I had stayed at Estelle's Friday night. I met Estelle through Wayne May of Ancient America magazine. When I told Wayne that I was going to speak at the ASD (American Society of Dowsers) conference in New Paltz, NY he said I should contact Estelle who had been telling him about some structures on her property.

I contacted Estelle and told her I would gladly look at her property if she would be willing to let me crate my dogs at her place during my lecture at the conference. She said yes, but also said I could stay at her place. A refrain she continued with in subsequent conversations. Fortunately, I accepted her offer.

Why was I fortunate? Because her house has a positive vibe. As my connection to Mother Earth has deepened my aura has grown progressively larger and I have become increasingly sensitive to space. Public spaces, hotel beds where different people sleep for hours on end  can be very pernicious. I often carry bags of prayer stones with me when I travel to protect me from negative spaces and detrimental energies.

While Estelle's property did not have an large stone structures it was loaded with Manitou Stones; as either single stand alone or in groups. More importantly there were several large pockets with a positive VIBE. SWEET!

Here are some pictures.

 A single stand alone Manitou Stone. Staffs mark the intersection of Energy Lines at the Manitou Stone. Notice how sunken the stone is, from millennia of debris accumulating and decaying around it.

 A grouping of stones that includes a Manitou. Staffs mark a few of the many Energy Lines that pass through the grouping. My sportswomen's cushion marks where I imagine pilgrims sat to soak up the energies.

 Wow. Check out that big Manitou. Notice the smaller Manitou to its left.

 Estelle is standing with her daughter Sandy. Estelle is a lively spiritual person. She had a Near Death Experience as a child and several other close calls later. She is very spry at 87. What little experience I have had with people that have had NDE's is that they are lovely live wires that beam. When I first met Estelle, even before we talked, I could sense that she was a very vibrant and loving person. 

Here I am.

There are hundreds of Manitou Stones and other stone structures on Estelle's property. I imagine many more have been covered up over the years from decayed leaves, dead trees and other debris.

So the question becomes; how many stone structures or single stones marking Earth Energies or aspects of Mother Earth's unseen body are out there in North America alone?

Tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions....???????


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VIII--Shaupeneak Stone Mounds

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