Saturday, June 9, 2018

Solstice Meditation Peacemaker's Sanctuary 7PM Thursday June 21st

Solstice Meditation
Peacemaker's Sanctuary, 
Onondaga Lake Pk, Lakeland (Syr.)NY
Thursday June 21st, 7PM

Join us for a group meditation to celebrate the summer solstice and the beginning of summer at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake, one of the holiest places in the world. It was at Onondaga Lake that the great Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) prophet  the Peacemaker planted Tree of Peace and gave us the Great Law of Peace upon which our country's democracy is founded on and which influenced the Women's movement.

Please bring a chair or cushion to sit on during the meditation. The two benches will be in use during the meditation. As with all outdoor activities we suggest you apply some insect repellent. It is always good to hydrate before a group meditation; so bring some water with you. Unfortunately, there are no restrooms close by. Directions are below

New Beginnings
The summer solstice is a time of new beginnings. So you might want to reflect upon new directions, or changes you would like to make in your life; or new activities or adventures you would like to take on. The meditation and the space of the Peacemaker's Sanctuary will help consecrate those beginnings. Several of us have had our prayers answered there, have found resolution and healing in its divine space, or gotten insights or epiphanies while in prayer/meditation there. IT IS A POWERFUL AND HEALING SACRED SPACE.

The Peacemaker's Sanctuary is a community gathering and healing space. We have held vigils there after national crisis's such as the Las Vegas shootings Vigil. We encourage you to visit by yourself.

I-90 Thruway--Exit 39, Take 690 East

I-81--Take 690 West

From 690- Take exit 5 (Van Vleck-State Fair Blvd.) Turn left onto State Fair Blvd going towards Lakeland (turn right if you are coming from 690 East.) About a 1/2 mile down take a left onto Beach Str. (an Empower bank is on the right.) Continue till end, turn left and park car on Iona street.

Corner of Beach and Iona Streets in Lakeland Cross the RR tracks and walk over the foot bridge and take a left. From the foot bridge it is about 150-200 yards to the Sanctuary. The cinder path will connect with a paved path, bear left. About a 100-200 feet on your right you will see a clearing with a bench and an overflow duct that gives the appearance of a stream. Total time 5 minutes from parking. Or take the long way, a 20-30 minute walk from parking lot for the John Haley Memorial trial- across from Long Branch Park.

Look for a bench that says "Peacemaker's Sanctuary."


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