Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART VIII--Shaupeneak Stone Mounds

Later that Saturday morning Sandy (Estelle's daughter) and her husband Mike took me to  Shaupeneak Ridge. Sandy wanted to show me some standing stones, but unfortunately we did not find them. 

While Sandy was a little bummed, I was tickled pink. Why? Because we found some incredible stone mounds with dimpled or hollowed out centers, or depressed areas. Most likely Middlesex focus, basically Adena like. They marked energy formations and were very reminiscent of what is at High Tor NYS Wildlife Management Area in Middlesex, NY. (See my Clarks Gully Blog for pics.)

We were really pressed for time because I had to speak in the early afternoon at the American Society of Dowsers Convention in New Paltz.

Mound 1 Was a large stone mound with two dimpled, or depressed areas.

 The stone mound covers Earth Chakras. The cushion gives perspective on the depth of the depressed areas.

 The other depressed or dimpled area.

Stone Mound 2. Had one large hollowed out or dimpled center. Within the depressed area was a large platform stone marking the intersection of numerous Energy Lines. I have never seen such a formation before. I have seen plenty of dimpled stone mounds and many platform stones by themselves, never before the two together. Amazing and I feel blessed to have found it.

 The platform stone is located between the staffs marking Energy Lines and my seat cushion.

We had to rush back so that I could change and drive to New Paltz college to give my talk. I hope to go back to Shaupeneak Ridge with Sandy and Mike to see the standing stones some time in the future. I did make it back in time for my talk that was well attended.

I left Estelle's about 5 pm and got back to Syracuse by 10pm. I even picked up Living Water in Lyle, NY.

It was a great trip. I certainly used my time well and surveyed and saw lots of sacred sites. What Fun. Thanks God. And thanks to Estelle for her company, generosity and good spirit. I feel so blessed.

Thank you God.


Survey of Sacred Sites in Downstate NY, PART I--OVERVIEW

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