Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Help Preserve the Stone Mounds at HIgh Tor NYS DEC WMA--Naples, NY (Canandaigua Lake)

Help us preserve the stone structures and maintain the vibe at High TOR NYS Wildlife Management Area in Middlesex (and the town of Naples) NY; at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake. Please contact the NYS DEC during their current public comment period and tell them to put added protections on the many stone mounds and standing stones there. See HighTor.org

High Tor NYS Wildlife Management Area is an ancient sacred site that needs to be preserved. Specifically its hundreds of stone mounds and thousands of standing stones--that are thousands of years old--need to have additional protections. The NYS DEC has opened up a public comment period about High Tor\'s future for the next ten years. Email them and tell them to put added protections on the stone mounds; preferably get them placed on the National Register of Historic Places. We also ask that you tell that activities should be limited in line with its history of being an ancient sacred site\--no logging, or other such activities that harm the flora or the fauna at High Tor.

Stonewall Jackson Park in West Virginia shows what is possible. They created a series of trails through their woods focused on the many stone mounds that are there, with names such as the Cairns Trail.

New Cairns Trail Links Past with Present at Stonewall Resort


For more informatio:

HighTor.org--Information about High Tor and its stone mounds.

Clarks Gully Blog--Lots of pictures of the stone structures at High Tor going back more than a decade.

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