Friday, January 22, 2016

Place Matters--Funeral Home Weddings are a BAD IDEA!

Fortune Magazine says that funeral homes are the new hot venue for weddings. CBS concurs and did a segment on Funeral Home Weddings. The funeral home director told CBS he had done over 60 weddings in the past year and is booked out most weekends for the next year.

While it might save couples some money, a funeral home wedding casts a dark pall over what should should be a joyous day.  It can also set a bad precedent for a newly married couple.

We leave imprints or memories of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. A funeral home is a place of death and sorrow, as well as memories of loved ones. It is where cadavers are cut up and embalmed. A funeral is not a positive joyous and uplifting event. So the funeral home retains a memory, or imprint, of sorrow and death; that is what it looks to invoke in people that are within its space.

The vibe is  generally negative; so it will deplete you spiritually. I once worked for a company that had an office in an old funeral home. The vibe was awful and it contained several negative energy vortices. My head would hurt every time I went there. Several people that worked there sought medical help for migraines.

A wedding is suppose to be a joyous event that formalizes a union between two people. Think of the wedding as a soup, a soup that is meant to last a lifetime; with the couple being the two main ingredients. Also in the soup to a lesser degree are family and friends. When you hold your wedding in a funeral home you add  it and all its baggage as another ingredient. 

The only positive is that a joyous event of the wedding will  combine with the negativity of the funeral home to uplift it.

Remember place matters and influences everything it comes in contact with. Choose wisely where you go and what you do at a particular place. 

Place Matters.

You can see the CBS newscast by clicking on YouTube.

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