Monday, January 4, 2016

Reflections of the Winter Solstice

Happy New Year to all.

Our winter solstice gathering went well and was very moving and eye opening. I felt as though I had in some ways tapped into the collective Spirit and consciousness of past celebrants throughout history. For sometime I have realized that we need to connect with Mother Earth and show Her respect. The winter solstice ritual reinforced that, as well as elevated, or advanced, my connection to and understanding of Her.

I now see more deeply how we are connected to Mother Earth. How the winter is a time of inner reflection and cleaning; that while the days are short and cold, spring would soon burst forth with a new birth. Celebrate the turn to more light!

The event has made me look at my bible study in a different light and whether I should even attend anymore. I remembered reading The DarkSide of Christian History and the church’s assault of Mother Earth and those connected to Her, or worshipped Her. I thought of John Michell’s The New ViewOver Atlantis and how all the ancient Druid and pagan sites in England had churches intentionally placed upon them; this I am told is a worldwide phenomenon.

I also wonder about Christmas, in which I participate in less and less each year. Am I reinforcing the consciousness and being of the church, through something simple as exchanging gifts?

Christmas after all is nothing but the Churches’ attempt to thwart earth based spirituality and circumvents the winter solstice by replacing it with Christmas. Jesus was born in the spring. Jesus was a divine and great soul; I wonder what he would say about Christmas.

It was commercialization of Christmas that first got me to cool my participation in its festivities. But I now see the commercialization of Christmas as the churches’ karma, its comeuppance for the theft of the winter solstice. Winter Solstice was usurped by Christmas; Christmas was usurped by the gods of capitalism....

What should I do next year? Clearly focus more on the winter solstice. And how could I do anything, or participate in any action intended to harm our Mother.

There is a lot to think about over the coming winter months. Clearly I tapped into something deep from our Winter Solstice Gathering.

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