Friday, December 30, 2011


Kateri-Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha has been nominated for sainthood by the Vatican. The chapel at Fonda is truly a wonderful and moving place that all should visit as it is filled with the thoughts and aspirations of many generations and people’s that prayed there. I have updated my review to include NPR’s story of the boy who was miraculously cured by praying to Kateri

Earth Healers—I will be teaching a course on Earth Healing, 8 to 10 weeks, 1 ½ to 2 hours one night a week beginning in February/March in Syracuse and Canandaigua at Gossamer Woods, cost will be $100, scholarships available.

You will learn about Mother Earth’s subtle body, cleaning techniques and more. Much of the course will be experitiential to help you develop sentience of Mother Earth, dowsing skills to find her aspects so that you can heal her and work on your spiritual practices to develop your spiritual self. This is a course for those that wish to make a better world, clean up their home environment, or connect with Mother Earth to develop their self and improve their health etc.

I will send out more specifics on times in the next week. Contact me if you have another city in mind.

A New Year, a Better you—the Holiday period is a great time to take a little retreat to recharge and reflect. I use it to reassess my program of spiritual exercises. This year one of the things that I have decided to do is write a Thank You note to God each day in a journal. The Native American custom of Thanks is powerfully healing and transformative. What inspired me to writing my thanks was watching an interview of an author who was down on this luck and decided to write a thank you note each day to someone.

You can see the TV interview at:;contentBody

Or read about it on Amazon:

The Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and now 2012 signal that big changes are coming. What those changes are and how they happen will be determined by each of us. Take some time this New Year to reflect, ponder and most of all Dream.

May God’s light and love shine on you and inspire each of you in the coming year.