Sunday, December 27, 2015

Technology Kills--Team Human, The Techno-Dissenters Meet

The Washington Post reported today on a conference held last month at the New School (NYC) by digital dissenters who are unhappy with the way the tech revolution has played out, Technoskeptics' Objection Growing Louder. Here are a few interesting quotes from the article:

"Lanier later wrote two books lamenting the way everyone essentially works for Facebook, Google, etc., by feeding material into those central processors and turning private lives into something corporations can mon­etize. He’d like to see people compensated for their data in the form of micro payments."

"Rushkoff, whose new book is titled  Rocks at the Google Bus..“Where do humans fit into this new economy?” he said. “Really not as creators of value, but as the content. We are the content. We are the data. We are the media. As you use a smartphone, your smartphone gets smarter, but you get dumber.”

The cycle of a new technology improving human life and then mutating into a force that controls is as old as time itself. Robert Ornstein and James Burke in The Axemaker's Gift examine the rise of technology throughout history. They show  how each new invention brought improvement in the quality of life, but eventually delivered greater power to control to the elites that that dwarfed the initial benefits of the new technology.

The Internet is only the newest manifestation of the technological control cycle as detailed in the Axemaker's Gift. Do you remember the early days of the Internet in the nineties? Before business embraced it, before hackers, before government spying.....before??????????

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peacemaker's Sanctuary Bench Returned

The bench that had been removed from the Peacemakers Sanctuary on the west shore of Onondaga Lake a few years ago was put back today.

Thanks to Debbie Dennis and her crew at Onondaga Lake Parks for doing this and clearing up some of the area. Below is a picture she sent me.

This brings me much joy because the Peacemaker's Sanctuary is one of the few, actually the only place on Onondaga Lake that has a positive vibe. It is also a place where a prayer ceremony was held to bring peace to Syracuse; which it did. It sits on a stacked (8) Field of Consciousness--8 Fields on top of each other. 

It is a great place to go to meditate and pray because the Fields combined with the vibe will greatly enhance your experience and nourish your soul with extra dose of consciousness.

A vortex was there once; I hope that we can rekindle it again with our prayers, meditations, vigils....

A wonderful day! Thanks God, Thanks Mother Earth, Thanks.....

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Reminder--Winter Solstice Monday December 21st, 12:30 Long Branch Park Mounds Onondaga Lake

Join us for a celebration of the Winter Solstice and Mother Earth.

Date: Monday December, 21st

Time: 12:30 PM

Bring a folding chair or cushion to sit.

Where: The mounds at Long Branch Park on Onondaga Lake. 

Post to this blog with questions for more information.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

More on China's Assault of Mother Earth

After my last post China's Continued Carnage of Mother Earth--Coral Reefs I received an email pointing out that "Large areas of the Tibetan Plateau – the source of Asia’s major rivers – are suffering from desertification and the situation will only get worse" according to the Chinese Academy of Science

"The Tibetan Plateau is known as the world’s “third pole” because it holds the largest store of fresh water outside the Antarctic and Arctic. It is also the source of Asia’s major rivers..."

Also that, China published Its "Third National Assessment Report on Climate Change" and reported:

"Average temperatures across China have been rising faster than the global average, and that trend is likely to continue, the report says. From 1909 to 2011, average temperatures across China rose between 0.9 and 1.5 degrees Celsius (1.6 and 2.7 Fahrenheit). Governments have set a goal of trying to limit future temperature rises in this century to within 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above the pre-industrial average. But even if that global goal is met, temperature rises across China will be substantially higher: 2.7 to 2.9 degrees Celsius (4.9 to 5.2 Fahrenheit), the report says."

“Over all, climate change may further intensify the occurrence of floods and droughts,” the report says. “This will pose even more severe challenges for management of water resources.”

"Over all, climate change will cause earlier and shorter growing seasons, a proliferation of diseases and pests, and intensifying hazards. That does not mean that China will inevitably face famine, the report stresses, but adaptation in crop varieties and in farming and irrigation technology will be needed to cope with these stresses."

"China, the report says, is in a part of the world where sea level rises have been relatively high and are likely to remain that way."

Thursday, December 17, 2015

China's Continued Carnage of Mother Earth--Coral Reefs

A few weeks back I posted a question, Will Mother Earth Bring China Back to Earth asking whether China's continued economic growth is possible given that it is contingent upon the continued record degradation and assault on Mother Earth; I concluded that ultimately Mother Earth will answer back. A week later I posted a news article from Huffington Post,

Beijing Looks Like A Climate Horror Movie Right Now--Issues First Ever Red Alert!!! to point out how polluted the air in China is.

Now I read on BBC that Chinese Poachers Destroying Coral Reefs WOW! I would never have thought of such a crime. I imagine there are many more ways this economic powerhouse is destroying Mother Earth. I will continue posting on this thread. 

Mother Earth will at some point stop China's assault on Her.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Place Matters—Murder returns to the same place in my hood (Eastwood)

Murder struck my neighborhood this summer at the 2800 block of James Street in the Eastwood section of Syracuse. What made this murder so disheartening was that a murder had occurred at the exact same location 7 years earlier in 2008.While Eastwood has had its share of violence, murders are a rare event. I don’t believe that there was another killing in Eastwood between 2007-2015.

The fact that an act of violence would occur at the exact same place is not that surprising. The land retains an imprint, or memory, of what transpires at a particular place. If it is a very emotional event then the imprint will be much stronger.

Imprints like all thoughts encourage repetitive thinking, or behavior. Think of an earworm, a song, you could not get out of your mind. So it is with land imprints, they encourage and beckon us to repeat what has happened before at a particular place.

In Vortices and Spirals (page 21) I tell of an experience noted British archeologist and dowser TC Lethbridge had while collecting seaweed with his wife in Ladram Bay in England. Because the space gave them a queasy and uneasy feeling they decided to investigate the cliff above. While on the cliff they felt as though someone put a thought into their mind to jump off . Lethbridge felt that they were picking up the thoughts of someone that either jumped off the cliff, or wanted to. He also noted that five other people experienced the same urge, or thought, to jump off while at the cliff.

No doubt the murderers in Eastwood were in some way drawn to the 2800 block of James Street.

Land imprints encourage us to repeat the actions, or thoughts, that occurred at a particular place. That is why it is so critical to clean up places where violence or other bad actions occur—otherwise the violence that transpired there will reoccur again and get stronger with each incident. I did go to the prayer vigil held by Mother’s Against Violence in  2008; but unfortunately missed the one in 2015. I have since prayed for the space on several occasions.

Place matters—work to clean up places of violence and bad acts close to your home. Understand also that if you treat a space as being sacred it will bring out the divine in everyone that comes in contact with it. Spread the LOVE, MAKE SPACE SACRED!