Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Paris UN Climate Change Conference--Will Mother Earth Bring China Back to Earth?

With the UN Climate Conference going on in Paris I thought it interesting to look at China.

China is on a tear, -- the Economist predicts in 2021 its economic growth will surpass that of the USA. Salon says 21st century will be China's. China has become a player on the world's stage and its growing influence seems unstoppable.

But can it really continue to grow at a fast clip and become the world's economic superpower?

Better yet will Mother Earth let it happen?

While China's economic growth has been surging its assault on Mother Earth has been exploding making its growth look like its going in reverse. Years ago I remember seeing on CBS's 60 minutes how Chinese pear farmers had to hand-pollinate their trees because the pollution was so bad and the bees were dead. I could not find article when I searched the CBS's website I did not find a segment, but I did find an  expose of Extreme Photos of Pollution that was dominated by places in China. Sure China is a big country with lots of people, but so is the USA, India, Russia, Brazil......

While China will surpass the USA in economic growth within a decade it took the lead in wreaking havoc on the environment and Mother Earth long ago. Consider:

1/5 of China's farmland is contaminated

Outdoor Pollution Kills 3.3 million annually in China

China is notorious for its air pollution, BBC just reported that the pollution in northeast China was so bad that it darkened the Sky 

60% of China's Underground Water Unfit for Human Contact

The Council on Foreign Relations reports on China's Environmental Crisis

China's pollution could be behind our cold winters

They have polluted the land, the air and the water in unimgainable ways previously unseen. The human carnage caused by pollution is apparent and will continue and may accelerate. What has recently begun is that Mother Earth has stepped in. It is believed that the catastrophic flooding seen this summer in China may have been caused by air pollution.

We have a delicate and symbiotic relationship as I have explained on this blog, on the Mother Earth Prayers and most notably my book Vortices and Spirals, Unlocking the Mystery of Our Relationship With Mother Earth. When we break that symbiotic relationship we suffer the consequences.

The idea that a society can be wiped out, or forced to move because of damage done to Mother Earth is not a new one. Many believe that the Anasazi in America's southwest left their land because of environmental concerns.

She is our Mother (Earth) and we need to treat Her accordingly. If only everyone realized this the world would be much different. Because who would want to hurt their Mother?

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