Thursday, December 17, 2015

China's Continued Carnage of Mother Earth--Coral Reefs

A few weeks back I posted a question, Will Mother Earth Bring China Back to Earth asking whether China's continued economic growth is possible given that it is contingent upon the continued record degradation and assault on Mother Earth; I concluded that ultimately Mother Earth will answer back. A week later I posted a news article from Huffington Post,

Beijing Looks Like A Climate Horror Movie Right Now--Issues First Ever Red Alert!!! to point out how polluted the air in China is.

Now I read on BBC that Chinese Poachers Destroying Coral Reefs WOW! I would never have thought of such a crime. I imagine there are many more ways this economic powerhouse is destroying Mother Earth. I will continue posting on this thread. 

Mother Earth will at some point stop China's assault on Her.

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