Monday, August 27, 2018

Look What the Dome Drew! An Image only a Water Dowser Can Appreciate

An image of Jesus in a piece of toast, unusual sightings of holy figures in the sky, the  orb in Da Vinci's picture.... We have all heard of mysterious figures appearing happen stance in nature and in every day items such as a potato chips.

Well I had a unusual figure appear in my backyard after I mowed my lawn last Thursday. Grass clippings  formed a perfect circle on the ground. When I noticed  it on Saturday I thought someone may have been pranking me. But as I thought about it more the circle of grass clippings was very close to, or directly over the spiral of a water dome in my backyard.

The implication is that somehow the spiral had influenced me to unconsciously create the circle, or that the pull of the spiral's energy had drawn the grass. Remember a spiral ultimately has a circular form. So the circle of grass clippings  is replicating the underlying flow of energy,

In the picture above the circle of grass clippings is just left of center. My dowsing rods on the upper right mark the center of the spiral for the water dome.

In the picture above I marked the center of the spiral with an X. The spiral extends several more feet beyond the circle of grass clippings. So the circle is well contained within the spiral.

8/29--My friend Joe commented that it is probably a faery ring.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Keepers Work At Gossamer Wood

We had a productive day at Gossamer Wood today with trail work and site improvement. The heavy rain the past weeks caused a runoff from the field on the north side. I used it as an opportunity to see where the water was coming from and dug a few drainage ditches on the Bright Moon Trail. The ditches still need some work. But the rain was a blessing because it gave us a chance to put in drainage ditches in preparation for spring floods next year. Thanks God.

New Benches Added
One of the things we learned from Open House 2 weeks ago was to have more places with benches for people to sit on. To that affect Bill built some benches which he and John located in several places. The benches have posts that needed to be buried in the ground.

 The entry way now has a bench.

 Check out the Bower, so named by PMH Atwater.

 The Field now has two benches.

The Spirit Keepers Circle
Kudo's to Helen that uprooted much of the scrabble in the Spirit Keepers Circle. All of the rain in recent weeks has made the earth soggy making pulling up small scrub root and all easier that way they don't have to be cut because there is nothing to grow back.

Helen did an incredible job as the picture shows. It looks so clean. Well Done! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keepers Work This Saturday 8/18 at Gossamer Wood and other Events

Several people have asked about visiting Gossamer Wood on their own. The only people that can visit on their own are Gossamer's Keepers--people that have worked to physically and spiritually heal the property and put in trails. We welcome you to become a Gossamer Keeper and join us for our organized work parties so that you can add to the love at Gossamer Wood and we can get to know you.
We will be having more public events this fall.

Keepers Work--Trail work, cleanup...spiritual work
Gossamer Wood  22225 Sounty Rd 28 Canandaigua
Saturday August 18,
10 AM finishes around 4/5 PM; come when you want stay a little, or a lot

Join us for trail work, cleaning and enhancing the vibe. We tentatively plan to work on finishing the Bright Moon Trail, clearing scrub and enhancing the vibe at the Spirit Keeper's Circle.
Please bring gloves, bug spray and clippers if you have them. Rakes also welcome. Water and food if you plan on spending a few hours.
You may want to bring something to sit on such as a  sportsmen cushion because  we ask everyone to spend time meditating in the Spirit Keepers Circle this Saturday. Earth Healing is part physical, part spiritual.
Remember that there are no bathrooms on the grounds.
Please read the following if you plan on coming, Proper Etiquette When you Visit a Sacred Site in the Woods--From the ASD Digest

Talk on Gossamer Wood,
Thursday 9/20/18 6:30 to 8 PM

The will be an introductory talk and discussion about Gossamer Wood at the Canandaigua Library

Earth Healing
Saturday September 22 11 AM to 3/4 PM
Gossamer Wood
$25 donation

Earth Healing is the ancient practice of healing Mother Earth. Learn how to become a steward of the land. Explore the wonder of Mother Earth’s unseen body and find out how we are connected to Her and each other.
Activities will include instruction in basic geomancy and dowsing. You will participate in meditations and other activities to help you better connect with our Mother as well as educational lectures. Please bring dowsers's L-rods with you, we will have some to use, or you can buy a pair of L-rods for a modest donation.

Practical hands on experience will take place at Gossamer Wood.

Our goal is to make you a capable Earth Healer that can clean up spaces and teach others.  Hopefully a Keeper, so that you can watch over and protect sacred areas such as Gossamer Wood, the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake.

Please bring your lunch, L-rods and something to sit on such as a  sportsmen cushion Be aware that there are no bathrooms on the grounds.

Focus/Teaching will be on "Acting in a Sacred Manner"

Monday, August 13, 2018

Proper Etiquette When you Visit a Sacred Site in the Woods--From the ASD Digest

The following was published in the Summer Issue (2018) of the American Society of Dowsers' Digest.

Proper Etiquette When you Visit a Sacred Site in the Woods
By Madis senner

At my presentaion “The Eastern Hermetic School of Geomancy” at the ASD conference in New Paltz I talked about proper etiquette in entering the woods and visiting a sacred sites. I think it important to delve into this in more detail because too many dowsers  and geomancers unfortunately do not understand the impact that they have when they visit a sacred area. Sadly thrill seekers, ghost hunters and the curious have severely spiritually damaged many ancient stone and earthen structures. The may look good, but their vibe is awful.
         The following has been adapted from my book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World pages 69-77.
Having a Positive Impact With Your Visit
Your visit is going to have an impact upon a particular sacred space; you can either enhance a sacred space, or diminish it. We leave imprints, spiritual imprints of our thoughts and actions wherever we go. If they are positive they enhance a space and fortify Mother Earth there. If they are negative they sully the space with negative consciousness and dampen Mother Earth at the location. Unfortunately, the vast majority of supposed sacred sites around  the world don’t have a great vibe because visitors have not been respectful.
         When visiting outdoor locations I suggest you approach your visit as if you were visiting someone’s home. Consider bringing a gift to show your respect and intention. Something simple such as a flower, a piece of fruit, some tobacco; it is not so much what you bring, as an expression of your intention. You want to show interest and honor the space.
         You can also show respect by asking permission before you physically enter a sacred site. Think of it like ringing a doorbell, or knocking on someone’s door before you walk in. To do this ask permission, either mentally or verbally, before you enter the space. Wait a few moments before entering.

Author meditating at a sacred site in Vermont. Photo by Peter Voss.
         If you are visiting an outdoor sacred site bring an old plastic bag and pickup clutter. On your approach and once you are in the space pickup papers, beverage cans and other garbage and put it in you plastic bag to take out with you when you leave. By cleaning a space you are showing your concern for it and physically reinforcing your intention to spiritually enhance it.
         Bringing a gift, asking permission to enter and cleaning up will not only help to lift the vibe of a location but can greatly enhance your experience at the site.  A sacred space, particularly one in Nature is a neighborhood made of its vibe that can take on a life of its own, and Nature Spirits, or beings in other realms that may inhabit it. When you show respect and concern for a space the community may reveal things to you, or have you experience things that you would not have had if you had not shown respect. It will also help dampen the attitude of someone that does not want you there.
         Act in a ‘sacred manner’ while visiting a sacred site. Keep your thoughts positive and focused on the divine. You are in very holy space, so act accordingly. Try to be as quiet as you can at a sacred site, particularly if you are outdoors. Visually acknowledge other pilgrims and let them be; unless of course it is clear you both wish to talk, then by all means do.

Please refrain from bringing technological devices with you on your visit such as cell phones, GPS’s etc. as they are very damaging to Mother Earth. Electronic transmissions and WiFi disrupt Mother Earth’s Energy Plane. In a world that is a sea of consciousness they are particularly pernicious and damaging.
         Electromagnetic energy from Mother Earth could also damage your cell phone, digital watch, and digital camera. If you are looking to visit a place that is very charged be aware it could damage your devices.
         You are looking to build a bond with Mother Earth. If you were a smoker would you smoke in front of friend who was suffering from a lung disease and challenged to breathe? Of course not. So please be judicious in what you bring with you when you visit your Mother.

Welcome Circle
A Welcome Circle for a sacred site is like the foyer of a home. It is where you greet your host, remove your coat, or boots if necessary and prepare for your entry. A Welcome Circle is meant to prepare you for your visit and help maintain the spiritual integrity of a space, and hopefully improve it. 
         Even if there is no designated area, you should still perform the actions of a Welcome Circle. If you are with a group, hug each other to show unity and friendship.
         Cleansing. The first thing you should do in the Welcome Circle area is to smudge yourself. Smudging will help remove any negative thoughts or other spiritual debris you may have picked up recently. You may wish to carry a feather with you. If so, swirl it around your subtle body head to toe. You can also use your hands: either by flicking your subtle body as if you were removing lint or dirt from your clothing; or you scrub your subtle body as if you were washing your body with a wash cloth. I often say ‘clean and protect’ or just ‘clean’ while I smudge. Think of it like removing your dirty boots before you enter a home.
         Under no circumstance should you light a fire, a stick of incense, or smudge stick for smudging. The risk of a starting a fire is too great.
         The other thing you should do in the Welcome Circle area is to say a short prayer. A few words, whether be a blessing, thanks, or offer of hope, or a request. A prayer will help center you, prepare you and warm you up for your spiritual experience. Think of a foyer on how it acts as a medium from the outside to coming inside. Similarly with a Welcome Circle you are going from the profane to the sacred.

Geomancer and Earth Healer Peter Shell meditating in the original vortex in the Spirit Keepers' Circle at Gossamer Wood.
         It is a good practice to try and spend 5 to 10 minutes, or longer meditating in the Welcome Circle. This will help burn off any imprints (samskaras) that you may recently picked up and give you a strong spiritual cleansing before you enter the holy area. If you, or anyone else that is with you is hesitant to spend time in the Welcome Circle take it as strong warning that something is amiss. If this happens you should give strong consideration to not entering the sacred space.
         By performing the rites of a Welcome Circle in the same space repeatedly you will give that intention to the space. Over time a strong imprint, or thought form, will develop increasing the potency of the ritual for subsequent pilgrims. Cleansing will become increasingly more effective and preparation for entering the space will become more, and more palpable. An Energy Vortex, what I call a Natural Vortex formed in the original Welcome Center, at Gossamer Wood in Canandaigua, NY ( from all the meditating, praying and smudging that was done there.
         Bring a feather with you to use for smudging and consider leaving it there to indicate to others the purpose of the area. Stick it in the ground, or in a tree to show that it was intentionally left there.

Experiencing a Space
Make sure to meditate, say a prayer, do a ceremony, visualize a beautiful image or hope for world peace. Do whatever you feel called to do. 
Read a book, be inspired, dream or just be. Enjoy. Just being in the space is going to lift up your consciousness. 
The important thing is that you have a positive spiritual or loving focus.
If you are outside and have to go to the bathroom walk very far away, several hundred yards from the FOC. Bring a small shovel to bury and cover up any debris. You are looking to keep that intention outside of the sacred space and not sully the environment.

The Primate Directive
Honor Star Trek’s the Prime Directive and do disturb animals in this realm or beings in the unseen world around us.
         Nature Spirits and beings in other realms often inhabit a sacred site, or places with a particular feature of Mother Earth. Sacred sites can also have a ‘thin veil’, where communication and awareness of other realms is greatly enhanced. You need to give respect to everyone, no matter what realm they inhabit.
Do not go to a sacred site looking for Nature Spirits, or try communicating with them. Think of how you would want someone to behave if they visited your neighborhood—would you want them to beep their car’s horn to announce their arrival, and shout I am here? No, absolutely not.
Should you see or hear something take it as a blessing and let it be. Ditto with animals—Let them be. If you meditate for a long time and are very still you may encounter an animal. Ignore it and create some noise to make it aware of you.  I am a big believer that a good day in the woods is a day when you don’t see any animals.
I would also try and limit the size of your party. Too many people at a place at one time puts stress on it.

Amp Up the Vibe
These are only a few of the suggestions for visiting and improving a sacred space. Think of some others yourself. The most important thing is to remain positive and respectful and meditate, pray or do a ceremony when you are there.

Madis Senner is a former global money manager turned Seeker.  He is a Keeper, watching over and spiritually cleansing/enhancing several sacred sites.  Sacred Sites in North Star Country, is his fourth book and available for purchase through the ASD bookstore.  You can read his musings at

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Spirit Keepers Circle at Gossamer Wood

If you have been to Gossamer Wood you have probably experienced the Spirit Keeper's Circle and its powerful Vortex. You may have also noticed the tops of several large stones that are flush with the ground within it. I finally got around to dowsing a few of them and they mark the intersection of Energy Lines.

The red dog leash marks an energy line connecting  two stones. As noted several other Energy Lines intersect at the stones as well.

I imagine that the stones are at least a foot, maybe several feet, high and that over the years debris has accumulated raising the earth around them. 

Interestingly I have been working that area hard when at Gossamer recently and have felt my subtle body inundated with energy more than consciousness. Odd since there are powerful Fields of Consciousness at the Spirit Keeper's Circle--especially at the Vortex. I had thought it was because of the cumulative sense of the people there when I was there--our Circle--especially after the Open House. now I think it was because of all the Energy work done in the Spirit Keepers Circle.


This all raises a question. Who built them?

I named this area after the Spirit Keeper's because the placing of a stone on the high point of a Field of Consciousness (stacked 12) and the vortex. But now I wonder. You would assume that the stones placed on Energy Lines were done by a subsequent culture. But was it?

To be continued.

Earth Magic -- Vortex Ring Forms in Spirit Keepers Circle
One of the gifts from our Open House on August 4th was the birth of a Vortex Ring--the precursor to the formation of an Energy Vortex.

I created  a circle of stones around it to help nurse it along.

If you visit Gossamer Wood make sure to pray/meditate around or in the Vortex Ring.

WOW. If 50-60 people spend a few hours meditating, experiencing and enjoying Gossamer Wood as was done during our Open House and it helps develop a Vortex Ring--What can we expect when Gossamer Wood becomes public and it is regularly full of pilgrims praying, meditating and healing?

I am so psyched.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Co-creating with Mother Earth/Sacred Sites Update--A Vortex has formed at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake

Another Energy Vortex, or what I call a Natural Vortex has formed on the original bench in the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake. It is the first bench that you see when you enter the area. 

A Natural Vortex is a co-creation with Mother Earth and a very positive sign in
the continual spiritual evolution and improvement of the Peacemaker's Sanctuary. A Natural Vortex responds to positive human intention--love, compassion, healing, altruism, prayer, ceremony.....

Meditating, praying or other positive acts are significantly improved when done within a vortex so I encourage you to visit and tap into its wonder and bounty.

Above is a picture of the bench. The Energy Vortex is located on the right side of the bench in the picture above and envelopes most of the bench. So sit on the right side, or Seneca River side.

Look for the words Peacemaker's Sanctuary on the name plate

I image that theEnergy Vortex formed during our Summer Solstice area as we ramped up the vibe. Originally a vortex had formed on the right hand side behind the bench; where the chair is in the previous picture.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Co-creating with Mother Earth/Sacred Sites Update--A Vortex has formed at Bliss, in Gossamer Wood

One of the more amazing experiences to observe as a geomancer and dowser is to watch the development of co-creations with Mother Earth such as Energy Vortices, Water Domes. etc...I say this because  an Energy  Vortex has formed in the first stone circle in the area we call Bliss at Gossamer Wood.

This is a joyous experience and part of the wonder of Gossamer Wood. What is going on at Gossamer provides you a unique window to watch Mother Earth and the input we (humankind) have upon Her first hand. For people interested in dowsing, geomancy, Earth Healing, Mother Earth this is an amazing opportunity. It is a tremendous school. 

So much love has been applied by the Earth Healers and Keepers involved with Gossamer Wood that all sorts of wonders are beginning to pop up. The overall vibe has improved a lot as well.

As geomancer it brings me great joy and holds me in awe. So much wonder. Amazing. Thanks Mother Earth.

I will making posts with a picture of a stork each time there is a new birth at Gossamer Wood to educate people about the wonder of our relationship with Mother Earth. If you are at all interested in geomancy, Earth Energy, Earth Healing....Mother Earth there is a wonderful opportunity for you to see and experience the wonder of our relationship with Mother Earth first hand at Gossamer Wood.

A pilgrim standing on the Energy Vortex in the first stone circle in Bliss. The stones circles at Bliss are the first stone circles Bill Dewey and I built at Gossamer Wood.


Gossamer Wood Open House Was Awesome

Today's open house at Gossamer Wood was a huge success.  The write up in the Canandaigua Daily Messenger drew a lot people.  While not everyone was into Earth Energies, many were. It was a lovely gathering of many kindred spirits that love Mother Earth. If you have never been to a gathering of lovers of Mother Earth you should, as it is an incredible spiritual and loving event.

The morning began with a prayer, ceremony and beating of the drum in the Welcome Circle

Kareen gets an A+
We set up a greeting area with tent near the opening.

Kareen greeted people, collected donations, signed up people for our sign up sheet and handed out information literature.  While Bill and I gave people guided tours of the property.

Warm, friendly and hospitable.

Later after everyone was gone Peter and I walked the grounds. I was helping Peter with his ability to dowse for vibe; determine whether a space is positive, or negative. And then gauging  its relative positiveness, or negativeness. Critical work.

As we were leaving Peter suggested we should check out the Greeting Area. Wow. What an incredible vibe, very positive. Peter was spot on, much more positive than anything around it.

Kareen gets an A+ for the love and warmth she greeted people with. And people we receptive and psyched to walk the grounds and it showed. thanks Kareen.

More pictures

The vibe for all of Gossamer Wood is humming. The love and passion everyone--Bill, Donna L, Kareen, John, Jamie, Janice, Peter, Tim, Brooke, Donna C, Mark....and others have applied in their endeavors has palpably enhanced the space. Amazing. Everyone visiting today added to that love.

You have probably heard of someone knitting shawl and praying ceaselessly while they did so. Or holding a prayer stone and praying for a loved one or someone in need for hours on end. Imagine if many people worked on a space they loved with passion and fervor and great joy no matter what they were doing. THAT'S GOSSAMER.


 Parking was at a premium at times.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Open House Gossamer Wood, Saturday August 4, 10 AM to 4 PM

Gossamer Wood Open House—Walk the Grounds

Sat. Aug 4 10AM to 4PM—Rain Date (8/5) Tours on the Hour

Donation--$10 to $50

(Make sure to check out the vortex in the Spirit Keeper's Circle if you come--powerful, unusual and something you have never experienced before)

From Canandaigua's Daily Messenger
Welcome to Gossamer Wood, Canandaigua’s ‘best-kept secret’

By Mike Murphy

The public is invited to visit what some call a sacred place in Canandaigua.
CANANDAIGUA — Heading from a circular spot in the woods called Spirit Keepers, along the Backyard Trail to a place with a small barn called Bliss, Bill Dewey, an octogenarian former research engineer, talks of how he had come upon this place and the work he has done in building trails that wind throughout.
As raindrops pitter-pattered among the trees, Dewey explained how he and his wife purchased this land off County Road 28 in 2001. She died a few years later, and he soon embarked on a plan to preserve this 9 acres he calls Gossamer Wood.
Gossamer, as in the sense of floating the name of this healing retreat center evokes, he said.

“There is energy here like you wouldn’t believe,” Dewey said. “I think it’s the best-kept secret in Canandaigua. You hear that everywhere, but this was sacred Native-American ceremonial and healing grounds.”
Dewey and a few of his friends — including Madis Senner, who is president of Jubilee Initiative, a not-for-profit organization looking to purchase the woods and turn it into a place for public nature walks and meditation — visit whenever they can.
Now, they’re encouraging others to come and see why they consider it so special.
The public is invited to walk the grounds from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, and experience ceremonial sites, stone structures, meditation areas and healing places, said Senner, who is an expert on dowsing rods and who sees this as a place that someday will rival Sedona, Arizona, as a destination spot for spiritual travelers.
Senner and Dewey have led group meditations on the site for more than a decade.
Senner’s group is trying to raise $30,000 to buy the property from Dewey and turn it into a sacred preserve.
“We think if we can get people coming here and experience it, people will want to come back more,” Senner said. “We think, longer term, this will be a big economic boom.”
What makes Gossamer special are powerful energies called Fields of Consciousness and powerful healing areas that encourage mystical experiences, Senner said. These fields not only are associated with sacred sites, but also exist near the homes of great leaders and reformers, such as Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, he said.
“The vibe is out of this world. It’s intoxicating,” said Senner, pointing out an energy vortex a short walk into the woods. “It’s spiritually soul nourishing.”
And, as visitors will note, it’s still a work in progress.
The trails are clear of debris, and several paths are marked so no one gets lost. Dewey and Senner said they are working to fine-tune stops, with names such as The Bower, Pyramid of Time and Feeds the Soul, where folks can stop and meditate or try to experience the energy.
Dewey has since come to know Native-American shamans, one of whom is from Watkins Glen and who walked the grounds with him. Dewey said he could not believe what he heard.
The visitor pointed out where a shaman’s hut once was situated over here, a sweat lodge over there, a women’s circle and a place where the young would participate in coming-of-age rituals, all in this woods where Dewey used to live. He has since sold the house and moved to Florida, although he has retained ownership of the woods.
When Dewey asked the shaman if he was seeing all of that, Dewey said he responded: “I see history.”
Yes, Senner said this all sounds “fairy dusty and out there,” but humans make an impact that can be felt — even thousands of years afterward.
“Most of this sensitivity of energy stuff — I got laughed at my whole career. You know, you’ve got to be kidding,” Dewey said. “But medical people are starting to research it and they find that walking on the ground actually pulls electrons up out of the ground. Your whole body responds in a very positive, healthy way.”
Janice Carr, a Jubilee board member and professional violinist, teacher, and former orchestra director, said she has experienced the power of this place on her visit.
“I can really feel the energy and you can really go into a deep state of meditation here very quickly because there is so much consciousness and energy,” Carr said. “Some people have problems meditating. Here, it’s almost instantaneous.”
Further into the journey, a walker will pass over a seasonal brook over a bridge to a location called, appropriately enough, The Other Side.
There, oak trees that were growing when the War of 1812 was still fresh in the minds of New Yorkers are among the notable sights.
Someone long ago left the people of today a wonderful gift, Senner said, and he and others are trying to preserve it in perpetuity for those who follow.
“It’s important to keep it sacred,” Dewey said.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Gossamer Wood--Reporters visit, New Stone Circles ---Sacred Sites Update

Bill Dewey, Janice Carr and I (Madis Senner) gave Mike Murphy of the Canandaigua Daily Messenger a tour of Gossamer Wood today ahead of our Open House this Saturday.

 Mike and Bill on the Lover's Trail looking ahead at the Pyramid of Time.

 Mike with recorder in hand interviewing Bill in the Welcome Circle. We put a temporary canopy up in the Welcome Circle ahead of the Open House this Saturday in case it rains.

 Janice and Mike chatting near the main bridge over the creek.

It's a Boy, No a Girl, No it's a Vortex Ring

Congrats to everyone that has worked on, fussed about, or meditated in the new Welcome Circle. A Vortex ring, a precursor to an Energy Vortex, or what I call a Natural Vortex has formed. A Vortex Ring is the final stage before a full blown Energy Vortex forms. Janice, Donna C. and I first built the Welcome Circle in November of 2016, Since then Bill, Donna L., Kareen, Jamie, John and Brooke have worked to spruce it up. Janice has spent a few hours meditating in it. One of our goals was to have a Natural Vortex form in it.

 I placed a circled of stones around the Vortex Ring to help nurse along and hasten the formation of an Energy Vortex.

 Kudo's to the Gossamer Keepers and Earth Healers. Thanks. This is what it is all about co-creating a new birth with our Mother.

 Bill has worked hard to clear the Spirit Keepers Circle. Since it is so huge and even though there are numerous meditative flat stones on the ground within it  I thought it would be nice to add a stone circle in the Spirit Keepers Circle.

A little elbow grease--clearing, meditating--has revealed a few larger flat stones in the ground in the Spirit Keepers' Circle..  Were these natural, or were they placed there thousands of years ago and earth has accumulated around them covering them up.

Spirit Keepers Energy Vortex Update--I first found this vortex in November of 2016 and it has a diameter of about 3-4 feet. Today it is easily 10 feet in diameter and is very potent. Look for the pink tape and a large stone between 2 trees within the Spirit Keeper's Circle.

Mike shot a video of me talking about and explaining the Energy Vortex in the Spirit Keepers Circle. Let's hope he posts it to their website.

Hope to see you all Saturday for what should be a wonderful and blessed day.