Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center Update

Yesterday I went by and visited Gossamer Wood Retreat and Healing Center on County Road 28 in Canandaigua, NY. I had not been at Gossamer in over a year. And while I gave a book talk there last year on Vortices and Spirals I have not led a group meditation, or taught a course, or helped people connect with Mother Earth there for 6,  or 7 years. Further I have not done an extensive survey and re-exploration of the grounds in almost 10 years. Since then I have learned much more about Mother Earth, Her Fields of Consciousness (FOC) and stone structures. What I found was pretty incredible. I also had a chance to spend few hours chatting with owner/operator Bill Dewey.

As to my findings. Gossamer is all that I noted in my first review of it 10 years ago and lots more, and I mean lots more. I found several more FOC (Fields of Consciousness) that are much more potent, a Spirit Keepers site and other Native American stone structures, several vortices and more....

Let me begin by saying that the vibe at Gossamer runs from very positive to extremely positive, with numerous vortices and hair raising locations within it. A testament to how sacred Gossamer is and the work that has been done to uplift it. Work which will continue,  as I will discuss towards the end of this post.

Vortices Lets begin with the vortices. Several vortices have formed on the property in response to the prayers/meditations/ceremonies/good thoughts that have taken place there. Vortices, as I explained in Vortices and Spirals form in response to human intention; they are co-creation with Mother Earth and humankind. They are powerfully uplifting and can be spiritually, and or physically transforming. If you ever have a chance to meditate in one, do so by all means--it can really elevate your consciousness and significantly help with your spiritual transformation.

Below is a picture of the welcome circle. My backup in one of the quadrangles marks where the vortex is.

Below is a picture of a group of stones on which a vortex has formed in the Tall Oaks section of Gossamer.

Another vortex has formed in the first of 3 circles behind the Bliss Learning Center. Each circle marks a area where 10 Fields of Consciousness (FOC) are stacked upon each other S10.

A New Area--I have never spent time exploring the north side of Gossamer, north of the north arm of the trail loop. Within it we found several additional FOC and numerous, what appear to be, ancient sacred sites. 

On the other side of a large ditch on the north side we found several more FOC, stone structures and more.

Spirit Keepers Site and vortex. Probably the most incredible find was an ancient Spirit Keepers site, a stone, with a vortex on top of it--at a minimum it is 4,000 years old.  Why do I believe that this is a Spirit Keeper's site?

First, the location of the stone shows knowledge of FOC. It is spot on the center of FOC, an S12 with 12 FOC stacked upon each other.

Secondly, the vortex is an indication that a lot of praying, meditating or ceremony has taken place upon it. Further, the area is an area that Bill has never touched foot on. So someone long ago spent lots of time on the stone

Below is a picture of the Spirit Keeper's site

An Earthen Mound on an Energy Formation-  The digging of a large ditch on the north side of Gossamer Wood meant a lot of dirt piled up around it. What is interesting of the earthen mound we found was its circular shape and that it was situated on an energy formation.

The picture below is of the earthen mound; it is  a little more than 3 feet high. Pepper (white dog) is on top and Jaeda Bear (black dog) at the base. 

Manitou Stones--We found several manitou stones, stones planted upright in the ground. Always difficult to say whether the stone was placed in the ground ,or somehow placed there by Mother Earth.

Several of the stones were at an angle, most likely because they had begun tilting over the years because of  soft clay/sod soil that is periodically flooded and looses support.

The picture below is of a Manitou Stone that marks the intersection of 4 Spirit Lines (Ley lines.)

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