Thursday, September 8, 2016

Earth Healers Gathering, Oct 1, Gossamer Wood, Canandaigua NY

Postponed due to rain.

Please Join us for a Gathering of Earth Healers

When: Saturday October 1, Rain Date Oct 2, 2016. 10 AM to 4 PM. Followed by discussion. BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH, SHARED COST FOR DINNER (if you want to stay) For those interested--Dinner, campfire, chanting/drumming to follow.

Goal: We are looking to enhance the grounds, put in some new trails and add to the powerful love that already exists at Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center  In the process you will learn how to heal Mother Earth, better connect with Her and raise your consciousness and the vibe at Gossamer.

Activities: Will include trail work (maintenance, making new trails…), spiritually cleaning the sacred space,  constructing stone structures (circles, prayer stones…) meditating on prayer stones/stone circles. To perform certain tasks you will be working with L-rods (dowsing rods); instruction will be provided. Although it is not necessary to bring dowsing rods it is strongly encouraged. Please do not ask others to use their L-rods because it is like asking to use their toothbrush.

Learn, Experience, Connect, Teach: We are looking to teach you about Mother Earth and about healing and enhancing Her. We will be doing this through instruction and experientially. This will Better help you connect with Her. We want to teach you so that you can do Earth Healing yourself and teach others. We will be following small schoolroom approach where the sixth graders teach the third graders, who teach the first graders.

About Gossamer: GOSSAMER WOOD RETREAT HEALING CENTER is the home of healer (The Body Talk System and REIKI MASTER) Rev. Bill Dewey. Over the last few decades a variety of educational programs—Reiki Classes, A Course in Miracles, The Tree Whisperer, meditations, gongs, Seminars and Workshops by Doctors, etc. have taken place there.

The 12 acres of GOSSAMER WOOD sits on powerful aspects of Mother Earth, one of which I call Fields of Consciousness. This is where Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) originate from carrying Christ Consciousness to distant corners of the world; so it is important to rev up GOSSAMER WOOD so that Spirit Lines can better do their job. It is included as one of the sacred sites in my listing of sacredsites.

A recent survey of GOSSAMER WOOD posted on this blog revealed some incredible finds just north of the existing trail system--vortices, Spirit Keeper Site, Manitou stones, Earthen mound... We will be working to link those sacred places and enhance them. 

Because Bill’s longer term plans are to create a land trust for the grounds so that they will remain a sanctuary for all to visit; we will be also begin putting in a new trail system. It will begin north of the house in the area of a future parking area for visiting pilgrims. Bill would at some point like to sell the house, but have the grounds be preserved as a sanctuary.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to help pay for the construction of a new parking area, or with legal expenses for establishing a land trust, please contact Bill or myself—or bring your check book. I will give you a formal receipt.

What you should bring: Work gloves, boots are preferred (but not necessary) a seat cushion, or portable chair to sit on when meditating, a backpack, or bag to hold your stuff, several bottles of water (spiritual exercises and powerful sacred sites will increase your need for water), LUNCHEON FOOD and snacks. If interested in pizza for dinner some money to contribute—or bring your own dinner.
Please bring a pair of L-rods (dowsing rods), some basic instruction will be provided.

Again please make sure to bring some luncheon food to eat, particularly root vegetables to help ground you. GOSSAMER WOOD is a very powerful sacred site and can give you a spiritual high, bliss you out; particularly since you will be meditating and learning to better connect with your Mother.

We Need Rocks and Flat Stones: If you have any flat stones, or rocks big enough (fist size, or larger) to construct a 10-20 foot in diameter stone circle. The more the merrier. If you know of any places to get flat stones 12” to 18” in diameter please post below in the comments section.

Challenging: We will not ask anyone to do really hard work. Trail maintenance consists of raking, pruning and moving old dead tree branches to mark the trails. The greater challenge will be the big dose of Mother Earth you will be experiencing. The bulk of your time will be spent meditating and clearing up sacred space.

Parking: On the day of make sure to park snug next to other cars leaving plenty of room for others. If you not plan on staying all day, park towards the back. Please do park behind other cars. Bill can take 15-20 cars if people park considerately.

Rain Date: Check this Blog post before you come. I will post by 7 AM on Oct 1, if we are pushing our gathering back a day.

Updates: This blog will be updated with news.

Questions, Concerns: Post your questions, concerns on the comment section below. That way information will be better shared.

Ride Sharing: If you are interested in sharing a ride and are coming from Syracuse, Buffalo… please post your contact information and location in the comment section below. If someone is interested they will reply.

Keeper: Basically we will be doing Keeper’s Work. A Keeper is one that watches over and takes care of, physically and spiritually, a sacred site. We are also looking for people to make a commitment and become one of the Keepers for Gossamer as it transitions. Speak to me on Oct. 1 if you are interested in becoming a Keeper for GOSSAMER WOOD.

NEW, Coming a Long Distance. Please post your contact information in the comment section below if you are not on Bill's or my Listserve, or are driving a long distance.

A tentative schedule of activities will be posted on this blog at least one week before our Gathering on Oct. 1. We will begin by meeting in the Bliss Learning Center for a talk on Fields of Consciousness and their global network of Spirit Lines, and the basics of clearing space and creating stone structures, and of course connecting with our Mother (Earth.)

Again post all questions and concerns in the comments section below and make sure to check periodically for updates.

This promises to be an incredible uplifting and rewarding day for us and our Mother. 

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madis senner said...

Posted by Cynthia on the Gossamer Update

Sounds WONDERFUL Madis! ..need to be in Syracuse by 5:00, so okay if I leave early?

Yes Cindy you can leave whenever you want. To get back to Syracuse you will have to leave #:30 to 4PM