Friday, September 9, 2016

Onondaga Lake Peacemaker's Sanctuary Update--A Vortex has Re-formed

The meditating we have been doing weekly at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary is having an effect. One of the two vortex rings near the new bench has blossomed into a vortex. Excellent!!!!!!

Meditating in a vortex increases the amount of Mother Earth's essences you attract during an activity; in this case Consciousness, Christ Consciousness--nourishing your soul with love, compassion, altruism... . Meditating in one is strongly encouraged. Doing so over a prolonged period of time will hasten your spiritual transformation.

I marked the vortex with two stones. 

The location of the vortex, it previously was a vortex ring, a little away from our prayer and meditation area tells us several things:

  1. Someone else long before us prayed/meditated/performed ceremony in the area.
  2. The holy area probably extends much farther towards the mouth of the Seneca River. Meaning the area of the Peacemaker's Sanctuary was originally much larger.
  3. This truly is a very, very holy area and has been so for a very, very long  time.
  4. I expect to find more holy areas that could easily blossom into vortex rings and ultimately vortices, on either side of the bench some distance aways.

In the picture below the folding chair marks the location of the vortex. With the lake to your back it is to the right and a little behind the bench.

During last Wednesday's meditation two swans were playing in front of us. They were briefly joined by a loon. 

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