Thursday, October 17, 2019

Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 4 Grafton--The Sweet Area Continued

I have seen many pictures of cylindrically shaped stone mounds two to three feet high. Often they appear to be old trail markers. However, that was not the case this time. We found such stone mounds at Grafton and at Hennig. Each with a different intent, marking different types of Earth Energies.

The pictures below are of a series of stone mounds covering a particular Earth Energy of a higher order, in the area we have been exploring at Grafton.

Notice the other stone mound in the distance. The lighting makes it difficult to see.
A Grid?
As we were leaving our survey area at Grafton to drive to Hennig we found this rectangle of stone. The energy drew us to it from some distance. Several pictures appeared to have orbs in them.

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Grafton NYS Park, Hennig Preserve Surveys Part 5 Hennig Preserve

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