Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Can We Learn from Ancient Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites Survey of South Hill, Middlesex, NY

Hypothesis—It is my fervent belief that ancient cultures were much more attuned to Mother Earth and knew how to work with earth phenomena to improve their lives and enhance their spiritual experience.

Survey—NY State Archaeologists(Parker, Richie) have written about the Woodland period (100BCE to !000AD) sites found in the Vine Valley of Yates County by Canandaigua Lake in NYS. Archaeologist and NEARA member David Robinson found several stone cairns(platform) at the top of South Hill, that he believed were Adena-Hopewell. (To read his paper--
They have been catalogued by his friend Stonepilewhisperer at : http://hi-torstone.blogspot.com/ The Seneca people believe that they were born at South Hill and the area contains the remains of numerous cultures.

Members of the Finger Lakes Dowsers (Chris Meath, Jill Gage, Kevin Greer, Lorraine Mavins, Madis Senner) gathered for a survey of South Hill on April 26, 2008. The morning was spent surveying and praying at the various sacred sites in the lower part of South Hill—Clarks Gully. I have written up these sites at:

The afternoon was spent exploring the upper falls area off of South Hill Road near the DEC parking lot. We found several large stone cairns in a bowl area below the ridge west of the falls. Attached is a picture of Chris Meath standing on one of the mounds. We believe that these cairns were spiritual in nature.

Archeologists have a lot of opinions as to why such cairns were made—rites, sun-worship, burial ceremony, etc. As a person who passionately believes in the transformative power of Mother Earth I look at it differently. I believe that ancient sacred sites were either consciously or subconsciously chosen because of their earth phenomena and the ability to commune with Mother Earth at them.

We found that the bowl area was one giant vortex field. I have to thank my dog Pepper for going absolutely ballistic hyper in helping point this out to me. Land form feng shui holds that mountains carry chi and I have found that they do very often have vortex fields. Each of the stone cairns was placed on an area that contained several energy vortexes. None of the cairns had any lines of consciousness (spirit lines, ley lines) at them as you often find at sacred sites.

It appears that cairns were located to tap into the energy. Energy vortexes are invigorating and can give you a quick boost. They can also enhance your spiritual experience.

Any input would be much appreciated.

Madis Senner

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