Monday, June 12, 2017

Peacemaker's Sanctuary, Onondaga Lake, Update

The water continues to subside and is almost all gone. I went to Onondaga Lake today to clean up the Peacemaker's Sanctuary and cut back the reeds in the main area. There was not much growth. The vibe remains very positive to extremely positive.

I am of the opinion that the county will replace the wooden bench we lost and that we will be able to buy another bench.

The pictures below tell the story the Sanctuary current condition.
 For all the years I have been coming to Onondaga Lake I have never seen a train on the Traintracks by Beach St until this AM. If you park on Beach St. you need to cross the train tracks to get on the trail that passes by the Peacemaker's Sanctuary

 The old wooden bench used to be in front of the tree to your right.

 The soil is still soggy in spots

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