Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sacred Sites Update--Macedon's Butterfly Nature Trail

After my talk at Books, ETC. in Macedon this Saturday I went visited the Butterfly Nature Trail in the Canal Park-Lock 30 area. My map dowsing had showed that there were Fields of Consciousness on the canal side as you face the trailhead.

 Trailhead. Fields of Consciousness are to the right.
Bench along the trail.


What a vibe. As soon I entered the parking lot I was blown away. Such an awesome vibe in such a very public space. Amazing. We need Mother Earth to achieve our fullest potential and she needs us to achieve Hers. A vibe significantly enhances a space. No vibe, not much there.

I regularly find positive to very positive vibes along with Natural Vortices (Energy Vortex) in the woods in hidden places. Not in public places. Not next to, or part of a parking lot.

 Janice and John and my dogs Jaeda Bear and Pepper are standing in the FOC. It is a stacked 12, with 12 Fields of Consciousness upon each other, the highest. There is a water dome underneath the FOC; which one assumes formed in response to the prayer/ceremony/meditation and good thoughts/actions that took place there in the past.

The canal is to my back. Notice the trailhead arch in the background.

Here is another reference point to help you find the FOC (S12.) Looking west along the canal.

I am standing with Jaeda Baer in the other, even more potent FOC (S12), a stinger vibe,  at the other end Canal Park-Lock 30 area. I am looking towards the Butterfly Nature Trail (west)  The camera and picture are looking east away from the Butterfly Nature Trail. It  is a pavilion next to a parking lot. I was blown away as we entered the park and drove through it on our way to see Butterfly Nature Trail.

It as well rests on a water dome. There may be a vortex ring there as well. Unfortunately it was really cold and windy when we visited late this last Saturday afternoon. This FOC is amazing given it is in such a public space.

I hope to go back this summer when the temperature is a little warmer.

If you live in the metro Rochester area I encourage you to go visit and experience  the Fields of Consciousness in the Canal 30 area in Macedon. A powerful FOC (S12) along with a very positive vibe will better help you sense and feel the consciousness. It will also give your soul a powerful dose of soul-nourishing consciousness--making you more loving and compassionate. SWEET.

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Janice Carr said...

I attended Madis Senner's well received lecture at Books Etc. in Macedon and visited the Butterfly Garden after. What an experience to sense the higher consciousness that is present there! Butterfly Garden truly is a lovely and special place. I hope all who visit here come away with an awareness to the higher energy in this space and honor it with their thankfulness.

Janice Carr