Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Robins Eggs Finally Hatched

Robins have returned to nest above the floodlight of the patio in my backyard. I believe that this is the fourth year this has happened. You can see some of the pictures, I did not take pictures every year, by clicking ROBINS.

I will post an article with a link to the article I wrote for Life in Finger Lakes about this in few days.

This more I was happy to learn that the eggs did hatch. I was concerned because the mother Robin has been nesting for three years.

The question is whether the Robins are the same pair, part of an extended family of the first pair or were drawn by an imprint forged over years. We leave an impression of all that we think and do at a place. If we feed with the same pattern of behavior the influence of the imprint becomes stronger.

Some pictures from Sunday.

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