Monday, June 6, 2016

Peacemaker's Sanctuary Update

We cleared the area around the Peacemaker's Sanctuary and moved the old bench to the right of the outlet pipe in front of a large tree.
Looking towards the area where the bench was relocated to.

Looking back to where the bench once was and where the new one is now.

What is great about the new bench is that it sits on a powerful Field of Consciousness with twelve Fields place upon each other, S12. The vibe is very sweet as well. Most likely someone once prayed and meditated  or performed ceremony there. The two trees cut back  in front of the bench indicates that the area was cleared not so long ago. However, no bench or anything else has ever been there; so it is most likely that someone prayed or did ceremony there hundreds if not thousands of years ago and they still linger there.

You can tap into that vibe and those thoughts of the divine. Merge with that consciousness and elevate yours in the process.

I encourage you to go visit and meditate on the bench in front of the tree before that old vibe dissipates and is fortified with the new; the new will enhance it, but it will be different.

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