Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beautiful Pink Halo Over an Energy Vortex

The picture below was sent to me by Alice Harwood of the Living Waters Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers in Claremont, New Hampshire.

A map, or picture, dowsing shows that the pink halo in the picture is above an energy vortex that is part of larger apparatus of Mother Earth's Subtle Body, most likely in the Energy Plane.  The pink halo maps out the size of the vortex. It is an incredible picture and Alice was very fortunate to have been able to capture it.

I call the area below the pink halo an energy vortex because energy is spinning around  in a vortex form. It is part of a larger apparatus of Mother Earth's Subtle Body--it is a permanent structure that performs a specific function for Mother Earth in the Energy Plane; like what a chakra does. Compared to what I call a 'Natural Vortex,' an energy vortex that forms in response to human intention and is a co-creation with Mother Earth.

A' Natural Vortex' is not a permanent structure; it can dissipate, or get stronger and larger. I call them specifically 'Natural Vortices' because they form naturally in cooperation with Mother Earth, and to emphasize that they are not permanent structures.  This is an important distinction because there are gazillions of energy vortices in the unseen world and it is critical to know whether one is part of Mother Earth's Subtle Body, or a "Natural Vortex' that forms in response to human intention.


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