Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Watertown's Thompson Park--Portals, Ghosts and Aliens--An Area 51 Site

Thompson Park in Watertown, NY will be included as a sacred site in my upcoming book, Sacred Sites in North Star country, Place in Greater NYS (PA, CA, OH, NJ, MA, Vt) That Changed the World. There are several Fields of Consciousness located within the park.

My interest in Thompson Park was piqued about ten years ago when i gave a talk at Naturtyme, in Syracuse, NY, on sacred sites. Several people told me that Thompson Park was haunted, particularly near the zoo. I find that often people are experiencing visions, see ghosts/spirits/beings, because they are in an area with high electromagnetic energy. These are places with special aspects of Mother Earth, and occasionally contain Fields of Consciousness.

Since then Thompson Park's status as a Ghoulish, Fiendish, Paranormal, UFO site and more has grown significantly. There have been several postings on YouTube by mainstream TV News Organizations:

Thompson Park Vortex, Time Portal , in it Dayah, a Druid Priestess talks about the  vortex/portal--an inter-dimensional place of passage where time changes. It is was a feature on North Country's News 50.

CNY Central (Channel 3 Syracuse) reported 2 years ago that Watertown has designated Thompson Park an AREA 51 site (aliens) and even posted a sign in the park stating it is an Area 51 site. The Parks Commissioner notes how when the CIA took over AREA 51 in Nevada it was code named 'Watertown.'

A few thoughts:

Portals: Portals do exist and you often find them at the intersection of several Spirit Lines (Ley Lines.) They are also often found close to Fields of Consciousness; particularly since so many Spirit Lines originate from Fields, so the chances that several Spirit Lines (Ley Lines) will intersect are good.

Should you slip into a portal(rare) itwill place you in another dimension, how you experience this mystical experience will vary with individuals. You may blank out, see things differently, hallucinate, feel a sensed presence,etc...

So a variety of experiences, or phenomena are attributable to portals.

It could also be that the mystical experiences people had are attributable to  powerful thought forms from past generations. I see this as being a remote possibility because the vibe is not positively strong.

The Desecrating a Sacred Site. With its great views, Fields of Consciousness and other attributes of Mother Earth Thompson Park was once a very sacred site. But it is in decay; someone planted a seed that the mystical experience available there where not spiritual, or soul enriching in nature, but ghoulish and freaky. Posting YouTube videos about the paranormal and spooky, designating Thompson Park as an Area 51 site  only serve to accelerate its continued decline.

Ghost Hunters and other fiendishly motivated are a pox upon our society and culture. Again think about it: What if powerful earth energy/phenomona cause you to have a mystical experience. 
Do you,
a) see it as communication with the divine and a chance to spiritually grow, and feel blessed by the divine.
or do you,
b) see it as a thrill, a chance to see something freaky and unusual--as if you popped a pill, or went to a movie with good visual effects.

It seems the latter is the order of the day at Thompson Park in Watertown NY.

If you want to go to Thompson Park in Watertown and experience the Fields of Consciousness there and in the process raise your consciousness and make a better world you can access one of the Fields shown in the pictures below. The dogs and my backpack mark the highpoints in the Field.

Enter from Franklin St. and take a right and then a left and look for area of brush on the side of the hill on your left. You can also explore yourself; make sure to check out the Zoo.

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