Monday, October 10, 2016

Beavers at Onondaga Lake?

I went for a walk yesterday around Onondaga Lake with two of my childhood friends who were in town for a SUNY Forestry Alumni gathering. We wanted to check out the new section of the West Shore Trail beginning near the State Fair. We finished at the Peacemaker's Sanctuary before turning around.

At the Peacemaker's sanctuary I noticed that the stones we had used to mark the energy vortex and vortex ring near one of the benches were gone. Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomena; the stones from the  stone circle we made around the Tree of Peace at Willow Bay were similarly removed. I saw a young boy chuck them in the water as I was coming to water the tree once. Sad. Particularly since those stones were in a neat circle. 

I guess putting stones down are a problem unless they are embedded in the soil.

My Forestry(Stumpie)  friend Gary Mastroeni commented on how the shape of a few stumps in front to the old bench looked like they were done by a beaver (the tops looked like a sharpened pencil.) The picture Gary took is below. Fellow Stumpie Rick Milewski concurred.

This makes sense. When I found the stumps earlier this year I thought it odd that someone would have cut trees down in an area that was covered with overgrowth.

It should not be surprising that there are beavers living around Onondaga Lake, but it is because the park does not seem so "Wild." 

It was a relieve and a mild joy to learn that the areas we had cleared and uncovered that we thought were previously part of a larger sacred site, had not been disturbed in years--at least my humankind. 

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